Springtime at Disneyland Paris

May 30, 2016

Disneyland Paris during Springtime
I can’t believe it’s been a whole month since my trip to Disneyland Paris (man, it seems like time flies by so fast these days). I know it took me forever to get this post up but between traveling to Disney World for the Epcot International Flower and Garden festival (and getting that post up before the festival ended May 30) almost immediately after returning home from Europe and getting over a terrible cold (being sick this time of year is the absolute worst), I just didn’t have the time (that and I had thousands of Disneyland Paris photos to sift through). I decided to spend all last weekend (finally) going through all my Disneyland Paris photos so I could finally share with you all my Disneyland Paris experience (spoiler alert: It was AMAZING!). Also, just a heads up, this post contains almost 200 photos (I know, I know but I tired to edit it down, and I did, but I HAD to include all these photos). Since this post is so photo heavy (and long), I’ll be covering Walt Disney Studios Park (the other park at Disneyland Paris) in a separate post.Disneyland ParisDisneyland Paris Hotel
Before you actually enter Disneyland Paris, you have to pass through (well, under) the Disneyland Paris Hotel and you guys, it’s seriously the CUTEST hotel ever! (If you couldn’t tell, I have a thing for pink Parisian hotels!).Disneyland Paris Spring Disneyland Paris Mary PoppinsDisneyland Paris Main Street
Oh Disneyland Paris Main Street, how I love you so! There’s just something about Main Street, whether it be Disneyland, Disney World or any Disney Park, that just makes me feel happy. Walking down Main Street is like a Disney right of passage. It’s the perfect start to any Disney day. One of my favorite things about Main Street (besides all the fun shopping) is seeing all the gorgeous window displays and trust me, Disneyland Paris is no stranger to ADORABLE window displays. Here are a few of my favorite spring-filled window displays at Disneyland Paris:Disneyland Paris Angel Window DisplayDisneyland Paris Chip 'n DaleDisneyland Paris Cinderella Window DisplayDisneyland Paris Main Street WindowsDisneyland Paris Rapunzel Window DisplayDisneyland Paris SpringtimeDisneyland Paris Spring Window DisplaysDisneyland Paris Tinker Bell Window DisplayDisneyland Paris Window DisplaysDisneyland Paris Tinker Bell WindowDisneyland Paris Chip
So much cuteness! Speaking of cuteness, since I visited Disneyland Paris during the “Swing into Spring” festivities, I got to FINALLY see all the adorable Disney character Easter eggs in person (I’ve been stalking IG photos of those adorable eggs for years now!).Disneyland Paris Mickey Easter EggDisneyland Paris Pluto Easter EggDisneyland Paris Donald Easter EggDisneyland Paris Chip 'n Dale Easter Egg
Seeing my babies (and FAVORITE Disney characters) Chip ‘n Dale in Easter egg form just about made my year! Seriously, how cute are those two?Disneyland Paris Goofy Easter EggDisneyland Paris Stitch Easter EggDisneyland Paris Stitch Easter Egg Disneyland Paris Buzz Lightyear Easter EggDisneyland Paris Alice In Wonderland Easter EggsDisneyland Paris Woody Easter EggDisneyland Paris Easter Eggs
Although Cinderella Castle in Disney World will always feel like home to me (since I grew up at Disney World), visually, Disneyland Paris’ Sleeping Beauty Castle might be my favorite (although I do love Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland too, don’t get me wrong!).Disneyland Paris 101 Dalmatians Disneyland Paris Sleeping Beauty Castle Disneyland Paris The AristocatsDisneyland Paris Lion KingDisneyland Paris CastleDisneyland Paris BambiDisneyland Paris 101 Dalmatians
Since this was my first time visiting Disneyland Paris, I wanted my “first ride experience” to be one I’d always remember so of course, I went with It’s A Small World for my first ride (the fact that I was half way around the world in Paris to begin with proves what a small world it really is!).It's A Small World Disneyland Paris Disneyland Paris It's A Small WorldDisneyland Paris It's A Small WorldDisneyland Paris Small World Disneyland Paris Small World
What I LOVED about the Disneyland Paris version of It’s A Small World (and seemingly all of the rides at Disneyland Paris) was how small it was and how close you were to the animatronics on the ride. Everything was so close you could practically touch it. I loved that the rides at Disneyland Paris were so intimate like that, it really felt like you were apart of the attractions themselves (which is cool!).Disneyland Paris Small World Disneyland Paris Its a Small WorldDisneyland Paris Small World rideIt's A Small World Disneyland ParisSmall World Disneyland ParisDisneyland Paris Its a small world
Disneyland Paris had several walkthrough attractions that I really loved! My favorite walkthrough attraction definitely had to be Alice’s Curious Labyrinth, which is a maze attraction where doors of different sizes and the Queen of Hearts’ maze lead you to a castle-top view of the entire park!Alice's Curious LabyrinthAlice's Curious Labyrinth Alice's Curious Labyrinth Alice's Curious Labyrinth Cheshire Cat WalkAlice's Curious Labyrinth Cheshire CatAlice's Curious Labyrinth Disneyland ParisAlice's Curious Labyrinth DisneylandAlice's Curious Labyrinth MazeAlice's Curious Labyrinth Disneyland Paris Alice's Curious Labyrinth Queen of Hearts MazeDisneyland Paris Cheshire CatDisneyland Paris Alice's Curious LabyrinthDisneyland Paris Alice's Curious Labyrinth Alice's Curious Labyrinth KingView from Alice's Curious Labyrinth
The view of Disneyland Paris from Alice’s Curious Labyrinth was amazing! I definitely recommend doing Alice’s Curious Labyrinth either early in the day or late at night so it’s less crowded (trust me, nothing’s worst than a crowded maze!). Another walkthrough attraction that I really enjoyed was Le Passage Enchanté d’Aladdin, which is a fun journey through different miniature sets of famous scenes from Aladdin.Disneyland Paris Le Passage Enchante d'AladdinDisneyland Paris the GenieDisneyland Paris Le Passage Enchante d'AladdinDisneyland Paris Le Passage Enchante d'AladdinDisneyland Paris Le Passage Enchante d'AladdinDisneyland Paris Le Passage Enchante d'AladdinDisneyland Paris Le Passage Enchante d'Aladdin
Speaking of miniature sets, I loved the Le Pays des Contes de Fées ride at Disneyland Paris (which is exactly like the Storybook Land Canal Boats ride at Disneyland)! (If you can’t tell, I LOVE miniature sets, especially Disney ones!).Le Pays des Contes de FéesLe Pays des Contes de FéesLe Pays des Contes de FéesLe Pays des Contes de Fées
It’s crazy how much that actually looks like the Beast’s Castle (seeing it definitely brought back happy memories of dining at Be Our Guest restaurant in Disney World!).Le Pays des Contes de FéesLe Pays des Contes de FéesLe Pays des Contes de FéesLe Pays des Contes de Fées
The Beauty and the Beast miniature set was definitely my favorite (I spy Belle during the “Belle” scene!)Le Pays des Contes de FéesDisneyland Paris RidesLe Pays des Contes de FéesLe Pays des Contes de FéesLe Pays des Contes de FéesDisneyland ParisLe Pays des Contes de FéesLe Pays des Contes de FéesLe Pays des Contes de Fées
If you want a little bit of an aerial view of the miniature sets in the Le Pays des Contes de Fées ride, I highly suggest taking the Casey Jr le Petit Train du Cirque!Disneyland Paris Casey Jr. TrainCasey Jr. Train Disneyland ParisDisneyland Paris Casey Jr TrainCasey Jr le Petit Train du CirqueCasey Jr le Petit Train du Cirque
Another ride I HIGHLY suggest is Phantom Manor, which is the Haunted Mansion equivalent at Disneyland Paris but with a little bit of a different background story to it!Phantom ManorDisneyland Paris Phantom Manor Phantom Manor Disneyland ParisPhantom Manor Disneyland Paris
While most of the rides at Disneyland Paris were similar (almost exact copies) to their counterpart rides at the other Disney Parks, like I said earlier, there was a certain closeness/intimacy about the rides at Disneyland Paris that really set them apart!Disneyland Paris Pirates of the Caribbean Disneyland Paris PinocchioDisneyland Paris DiscoveryDisneyland Paris DumboDisneyland Paris Inaiana JonesDisneyland Paris Indiana JonesDisneyland Paris Buzz Lightyeat Laser BlastDisneyland Paris Space Mountain Mission 2Disneyland Paris Snow WhiteSnow White Disneyland ParisDisneyland Paris Snow White rideDisneyland Paris Poison AppleDisneyland Paris Snow White Snow White ride Disneyland Paris
The Snow White ride was practically cool (and creepy) since you were so close to the animatronics. There was one part in the ride where the evil queen was literally right next to my shoulder (I could literally grab the poison apple from her hand, it was that close!). Disneyland Paris Sleeping Beauty CastleDisneyland Paris Sleeping Beauty Stain GlassDisneyland Paris Sleeping Beauty Stain glassDisneyland Paris Three Fairy Stain glassDisneyland Paris Stain GlassDisneyland Paris Maleficent
Inside Sleeping Beauty Castle was this gorgeous Sleeping Beauty stained glass display and underneath the castle was, get this, a DRAGON!Dragon Disneyland ParisDisneyland Paris Disneyland Paris Dragon
Although I’m a huge fan of Disney rides, some of my favorite things about the Disney Parks are the decorations, the shows, the fireworks and the parades, and Disneyland Paris is no different!Mary Poppins Disneyland ParisDisneyland Paris Spring ParadeDisneyland Paris Mary Poppins Disneyland Paris Swing into SpringDisneyland Paris ThumperDisneyland Paris Mary Poppins ShowDisneyland Paris Miss Bunny Disneyland Paris Spring
My one complaint about Disneyland Paris would have to be that the food wasn’t all that great, it was okay don’t get me wrong but it definitely wasn’t like the food you’d find at the other Disney Parks. Although, I will admit that the restaurants themselves were super adorable (I just wish the food was a little better).Disneyland Paris Hakuna MatataDisneyland Paris Pizaa OutpostDisneyland Paris Pizza OutpostDisneyland Paris Restaurants
Here are a few more of my favorite Disneyland Paris photos:Disneyland Paris Alice in WonderlandDisneyland Paris BeanstalkDisneyland ParisDisneyland Paris Castle Disneyland Paris CinderellaDisneyland Paris Tinker Bell DecorationsDisneyland Paris ThumperDisneyland Paris Spring DecorationsDisneyland Paris Spring Disneyland Paris SimbaDisneyland Paris PlutoDisneyland Paris NemoDisneyland Paris NalaDisneyland Paris Miss BunnyDisneyland Paris GoofyDisneyland Paris Finding DoryDisneyland Paris During SpringDisneyland Paris Donald DuckDisneyland Paris Cheshire CatDisneyland Paris MarieDisneyland Paris at night
Since I’m currently a Disneyland Paris annual passholder (so worth it!), I definitely plan on visiting Disneyland Paris again soon (hopefully sometime in early 2017)! Until then, I’m left with so many magical memories (and photos) of Disneyland Paris!

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