12 Months of Happiness: May 2016

June 1, 2016

12 Months of Happiness
Happy Wednesday (hump day, woot woot) and JUNE (?!) and welcome to the latest installment of my 12 Months of Happiness series! I can’t believe that it’s June already? How is 2016 already HALFWAY OVER?! It seems like it was just yesterday that I was ringing in the New Year at Disney World and how it’s practically summer (in three weeks!). Speaking of summer, it’s a bit of a pet peeve of mine when people refer to this time of year as “summer.” Maybe because I’m a spring baby and I dislike people not giving spring (aka my birthday season) its props but just FYI, it’s NOT summer until June 20th! I feel like summer, fall and winter (especially around Christmas time) get so much love but spring is often overlooked. Which I find weird because everyone always raves about the gorgeous weather in late May/early June (before it gets super hot in July/August) but since a lot of people refer to this time of year as summer (I guess because school gets out for “summer” break), spring doesn’t get its proper props! So next time you hear someone saying “I’m loving this summer weather” or “this summer is off to a great start”, before June 20th, just remind them IT’S STILL SPRING!! Random rant aside, here are some of the things that made May an amazing month: (Don’t forget to comment down below how your May went and what things made you smile this month! I LOVE hearing from you guys about what makes you happy!)12 Months of HappinessMay was filled with three very important anniversaries! May 10th not only marked my three year blogiversary (I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for three years now) but it also marked two years since I graduated college (class of 2014 where you at?!). May 31st marked one year since I adopted my little Loki (adopting him was the BEST thing that ever happened to me!). I seriously can’t imagine my life without Loki. He has brought so much joy and happiness to my family and for that, I’ll forever be grateful to him. 12 Months of Happiness Disney World
Any month I get to visit the Disney Parks is a great month in my book! I decided to make a last minute trip to Disney World two weeks ago since my Disney Premier Passport (aka my annual pass to both Disneyland AND Disney World) expired this month (insert crying and broken heart emojis). It was a super quick trip but I got to FINALLY see the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival in person so it was definitely worth it!Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival
Speaking of the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival, although I’ve visited Disney World more times than I can count (definitely 20+ times by now), this was my first time visiting the festival and boy, was it AMAZING! All of the topiaries were so gorgeous and detailed. I loved every second of the Flower and Garden Festival and I can’t wait for next years!

Here’s a few other things that made me happy in May:

  • Memorial Day BBQ!
  • I saw Captain America: Civil War (and it was AWESOME!).
  • I got an adorable (and my first) Disney Dooney and Bourke Bag (it’s Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival themed!).
  • I discovered my newfound LOVE of violet lemonade!
  • My mom celebrated her birthday this month (we’re both spring babies!).
  • Star Wars Day!
  • I got a lot of amazing new comic books on Free Comic Book day.
  • I added a ton of new records to my vinyl collection.
  • I got invited to the Now You See Me: The Second Act Advance Screening (the screening is next week).
  • I found out I’m going to the BAHAMAS (in November).

I can’t believe today is June?! What made you happy in May?
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