Blind Box & Bag Roundup 29. (Funko Mystery Minis)

June 6, 2016

Alice Through The Looking Glass Mystery Minis
Happy Monday and welcome to another edition of Blind Box & Bag Roundup! This week’s BB&BR post is dedicated to the new Alice Through The Looking Glass Funko Mystery Minis. Fun fact: I LOVE Alice in Wonderland (the animated Disney film) but I’m not crazy about Alice in Wonderland (the Tim Burton film). In fact, I’ve only seen the Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland once back when it first came out in 2010 and in all honestly, I fell asleep halfway through (whoops). A few weeks ago when I was at Disney World for the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival, I got to see a sneak peek of Alice Through The Looking Glass (this was before the film was released) and it actually looked intriguing. I’ve heard from a few people that Alice Through The Looking Glass wasn’t half bad so maybe I’ll have to check it out soon. You’d think since I’m such a HUGE Disney (and film) person that I would have seen it opening day (which I usually do with most films—I’m not a big fan of spoilers), but like I said, I wasn’t a huge fan of the first one. Speaking of Disney (more like Pixar) films, Finding Dory comes out NEXT WEEK! I’m so excited (I LOVED Finding Nemo, who am I kidding, I love EVERY Pixar film). One of the movie theaters I usually go to is doing a special Finding Nemo/Finding Dory double feature the Thursday before the film is released and you get exclusive Finding Dory gear, so I’m super excited for that!
Alice Through the Looking Glass Funko Mystery Minis
I know I’ve said this in previous Blind Box & Bag Roundup posts before but I am in LOVE with the new mold used for the Funko Mystery Minis! It’s so kawaii! Note to Funko: Keep this mold FOREVER! The thing I really love about these big eyed kawaii Mystery Minis is that they’re so stinking cute I want them ALL! Seriously, with most blind bags and blind boxes (especially the older Funko Mystery Minis), there were always a few figures that weren’t that appealing to me but that’s definitely not the case with these. Although, I can’t deny that the Mad Hatter figure is on the top of my list (of course he’s the rarest figure, insert crying emoji!).Mystery Minis Alice Through The Looking Glass
So. Much. Cuteness! I got either Tweedledee or Tweedledum (I’m not quite sure how to tell the difference between the two), the White Rabbit and Chessur (aka the Cheshire Cat).Funko Mystery Minis Alice Through The Looking GlassFunko Mystery Minis Alice Through The Looking Glass
Now that I think about it, it’s kind of funny that I’ve only seen Alice In Wonderland (at least the parts I stayed awake for) once since I actually have it on DVD. Since I already owned the DVD, I decided to watch it again last weekend in hopes that it would get me excited to see Alice Through The Looking Glass (it did!).

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