Celebrating Summer with a Pup-Peroni Picnic

June 20, 2016

*Special thanks to Pup-Peroni for sponsoring today’s post! As always, all opinions are my own*
Fun summer activities for dogs
It’s officially the first day of summer, can you believe it? To celebrate, I decided to go on a little “summer’s finally here” picnic with Loki. It’s funny because even though this is technically my second summer with Loki (I adopted him last May), it’s actually the first summer where we get to go on little adventures and do fun activities together (like impromptu picnics!). Since Loki was only a puppy last summer, I didn’t want to overwhelm him with too many new activities until he became completely conformable with his new home and family. Last summer Loki was enrolled in Puppy Academy (yes, the eight week training/obedience class was called puppy academy, how cute is that?) so he spent a majority of the summer learning new tricks and skills (and meeting lots of new puppy friends). This year, I really want Loki to experience all the fun and adventure summer brings and nothing says “summer fun” more than a Pup-Peroni picnic!Flavored Pup-Peroni Dog Treats
Can you tell how pumped Loki was for his special Pup-Peroni picnic?Pup-Peroni Dog TreatsPup-Peroni Dog TreatPup-Peroni Dog Treats copy 2
Loki is currently obsessed with all things prime rib. If it’s prime rib flavored, it’s a-okay in Loki’s book. So while I was preparing for our picnic, I made sure to have a few Pup-Peroni prime rib flavored treats on hand. Pup-Peroni Dog Treats are made with real meat, great taste and a tempting aroma that will transport your dog to a place of fun and excitement. Whenever I would open up the Pup-Peroni bag to grab out a treat, Loki would stop whatever he was doing and run over and sit in front of the bag with his tail wagging.Summer actives for dogsPup-Peroni Dog Treats copy 4
How cute is that little dog treat holder? It was the perfect place to store Loki’s Pup-Peroni Original Beef Flavor (I like to alternative between his treat flavors) treats during our picnic.Pup-Peroni Dog Toys
What’s a picnic without playing a little catch? Loki might be small and have tiny little Dachshund legs but he has the agility and energy of a Retriever (in case you’re new to the blog, Loki is a Dachshund/Lab mix). We literally spend a half an hour straight throwing around (and playing tug of war with) Loki’s Pup-Peroni rope frisbee. I think it might be his new favorite toy!Pup-Peroni Prime Rib Dog TreatsPup-Peroni
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How are you (and your dog) spending the first day of summer?