Music Festival / Lollapalooza Must Have Items

July 8, 2016

Must Haves for LollapaloozaHappy Friday (hooray for the weekend). I can’t believe that Lollapalooza is only three weeks away! I know I’ve said this a few times on the blog before but when it comes to summertime in Chicago,  Lollapalooza is definitely one of my FAVORITE events! There are a TON of amazing artists performing this year but I’m most excited to see Lana Del Rey (this will be my third time seeing her live), the 1975, Ellie Goulding, Bastille, Melanie Martinez, M83, Alessia Cara, Miike Snow, HAIM, Jack Garratt, Halsey and Two Door Cinema Club (to name a few!). Although I’ve been going to Lolla after shows for almost four years now, last year was my first time attending the entire festival (I’m so excited because since this year is Lollapalooza’s 25th anniversary, the festival is going to be held for FOUR days instead of three!). If I learned anything from my 2015 Lolla experience, it was what to bring and what NOT to bring to the festival (i.e no selfie sticks or outside food, UNLESS it’s a sealed water bottle!). Here are a few of my “Must Haves” for Lollapalooza:What to bring to Lollapalooza

  • Lollapalooza Wristband. This is by far the MOST important “Must Have” when it comes to Lollapalooza (or any music festival for that matter) since you NEED your wristband to enter the festival.
  • Camera/Phone. Although most music festivals don’t allow DSLR’s or professional camera’s, point and shoots and iPhone’s are a-okay! While I don’t suggest spending lots of time on your phone (you should live in the moment and enjoy the festival for all it’s worth,) snapping a few photos here or there for memories’ sake is always fun!

Lollapalooza Essentials

  • A Flower Crown. I know it’s cliche but there’s no better time to rock a floral crown than at a music festival. I personally love headbands (especially Mickey/Disney ones), floral crowns and loud hair accessories and often wear them on a regular basis but for those who don’t, music festivals are the perfect excuse to give this trend a try!
  • Sunglasses. Bonus points if they’re floral or festive!
  • A Fujifilm + Extra film. I am OBSESSED with the tsum tsum Fujifilm film at the moment (I ordered a 10 pack a while back and have been using it nonstop).

thredUp Vera Bradley

  • A Crossbody Bag. How adorable is that floral Vera Bradley Crossbody bag?! I LOVE that it’s big enough to hold my phone, camera and wallet while allowing me to dance around and enjoy the music without having to worry about if my stuff is safe yet it’s small enough that I don’t have to carry around a bulky purse or bag. But my FAVORITE thing about this Crossbody was that it was 55% off! You heard right, I only paid $24 for this originally $60 priced bag (talk about a bargain!). I know what you’re thinking “where did you find such an awesome deal?!” As many of you may already know, I’m ALL about saving/finding a good deal, that’s why I LOVE thredUpthredUP makes it so that you can afford brands and designers you might not normally be able to (cough, like Kate Spade items up to 70% off, cough). thredUP is seriously the best resource for like-new women’s and kids’ clothing. Think of it as a giant online consignment shop that’s really thoughtfully curated and easy to navigate!


  • Comfy Shoes. One thing I learned from my 2015 Lollapalooza experience is that good/comfy shoes are KEY (you’re basically standing around for HOURS and HOURS, so being comfortable is vital)! Luckily, thredUP has a ton of cute (and comfy) secondhand shoes to choose from. I went with these cute white Talbots sneakers (since white goes with everything, I figured they would be the perfect choice for Lolla)! Oh, did I mention they were 59% off retail price?!! If you also enjoy a good deal (who doesn’t), make sure to sign up for thredUP and use the code WOW40 at checkout for 40% off your ENTIRE order (trust me, you’ll thank me later!).

What to bring to Lollapalooza

  • Portable Phone Charger. I carry around my portable phone charger everywhere I go (since I use my phone so much for work and blogging when I’m on the go.) A lot of people like to live tweet, record performances or post Instagram pictures throughout music festivals. Having a portable charger allows you to be as active as you want on social media without having to worry about your phone dying.
  •  Bus Pass. Whether you’re a local or tourist at a music festival, it’s smart to carry a bus pass (or bus fair) around with you. I know when Lollapalooza comes to Chicago, traffic is at a constant standstill. A 10 minute drive turns into a 40 minute drive during festival time! It’s much easier to hop on a train or bus when going to a music festival. If anything, you’ll also get a nice tour of whatever city you’re in while you’re on public transportation!
  • Cash. Although most vendors, including the Festival’s Merchandise tent, Chow Town Food Court and Art Market, accept credit cards, it’s just easier carrying around cash (but be warned, those ATM service fees at Lolla are insane!).
  • Bandaids. Better safe than sorry, am I right?
  • Extra Ponytail Holder. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wished I had an extra ponytail holders laying around.

thredUp secondhand clothes
I STILL can’t believe I was able to score this awesome Vera Bradley Crossbody for $24 (and that I saved a total of $63 on my entire thredUP order, looks like I can get a Lolla souvenir t-shirt this year)! It’s literally the PERFECT size for carrying all my Lolla essentials (with room to spare!). You can find  more awesome deals like this at thredUP (like-new clothes from brands like Zara, J.Crew and Tory Burch all up to 90% off?! YES PLEASE!). Don’t forget to use the code WOW40 at checkout for 40% off your ENTIRE order!

*Special thanks to thredUP for sponsoring today’s post! As always, all opinions are my own*