Disney World Haul: Summer 2016

September 9, 2016

Disney World Haul
Happy Friday! It’s a new month, which means it’s time for a new Disney Haul! I just got back from Orlando a little under two weeks ago and I thought today would be the perfect day to share my latest Disney World haul! Since I’m heading to Disneyland next month for Halloween and then again in November for the holidays and then DC later this month, the Bahamas in October and Paris for Christmas, I tried to hold off on getting too many souvenirs but I guess I couldn’t help myself (I tend to go a little overboard at Disney but I can’t help it!) Like I say in all my Disney Haul posts, a quick disclosure: since I am a Disney Premier Passport holder (meaning I have annual passes to both Disneyland and Disney World), I get a pretty good discount on merchandise (20% off at Disneyland and 10% off at Disney World). Here’s my Disney World Summer 2016 Haul: Disney World Chocolate Dipped Rice Krispie Treat
If you’ve been following along with my monthly Disney Hauls than you already know how much I LOVE Disney snacks! I am obsessed with the Chocolate Dipped Rice Krispie Treats from the Disney Parks (oddly enough, I’m not a huge fan of Rice Krispie Treats but the Disney ones are just SO yummy!).Disney World Lollipop
Speaking of Disney treats, I also picked a Sofia the First lollipop and a Frozen lollipop. The reason I choose these particular lollipops isn’t because I’m such a huge Sofia the First or Frozen fan (although I do enjoy both Sofia the First and Frozen), I choose them because I LOVE anything berry or blue raspberry flavored!Disney World Chip 'n Dale LanyardDisney World Chip 'n Dale Lanyard
Can we just take a minute to talk about how ADORABLE this Chip ‘n Dale Lanyard is?! I LOVE that it’s revisable with Chip on one side and Dale on the other. Disney World Chip 'n Dale Socks
Although I already have a pair of Chip n’ Dale socks, it’s hard for me to pass up Chip ‘n Dale merchandise since there isn’t that much of it to begin with (and as you all know, Chip ‘n Dale are my FAVORITE characters!).Disney World Chip 'n Dale Flocked Figure
Sticking with the Chip ‘n Dale theme, I picked up this ADORABLE Chip ‘n Dale flocked figure at the Disney Character Outlet for only $19 (it was originally $50!). Shelliemay Pillow Pet
I also picked up this super cute ShellieMay Pillow Pet at the Disney Character Outlet for only $9.99! That’s right, it was less than $10 (most Disney Parks pillow pets $33!). Disneyland Diamond Celebration Mickey EarsDisneyland Diamond Celebration VinylmationDisneyland Diamond Celebration Snow globe
Although I visited Disney World, the Disney Character Outlet had a lot of Disneyland Diamond Celebration merchandise. I was able to pick up Disneyland Diamond Celebration Mickey Ears for just $5, two Diamond Celebration Vinylmations and an ADORABLE Disneyland Diamond Celebration snow globe for $18 (it was originally $47!). When you wind up the snow globe it plays “Once Upon a Dream” from Sleeping Beauty.Pete's Dragon Elliot Plush
While I was in Orlando I saw Pete’s Dragon so of course I couldn’t leave without picking up an Elliott plushie!Disney World Purple Tank TopDisney World Minnie PulloverDisney Springs Chip 'n Dale ShirtDisney Springs Chip 'n Dale ShirtMinnie Mouse PulloverFinding Nemo Mine Shirt
I picked up quite a few shirts while I was a Disney including two ADORABLE Chip ‘n Dale shirts (hooray for Chip ‘n Dale merch), two Minnie pullovers, a Disney World tank top and a Finding Nemo “Mine” shirt. That “Mine” shirt is my absolute favorite thing ever, I’ve literally worn it five times already (hooray for washing machines!).Disney World 2016 Princess Pin
I did A LOT of pin trading, as you’ll see below, while I was at Disney World but I did buy one 2016 Princess pin from the Target next to my hotel.Chip 'n Dale Disney pins
I traded for seven Chip ‘n Dale pins for my Chip ‘n Dale pin collection. I know what you’re wondering “aren’t three of those Dale pins the exact same pins?”. I know, I know but I can’t say no to Chip ‘n Dale pins (even if I already have them!).Disney World Pins
I got twelve new pins for my “Fab Five” pin collection. Disney World Princess Pins
I got three new pins for my princess pin collection and three new pins for my villains pin collection (how AWESOME is that Ursula shoe pin?).Disney World Star Wars pinsDisney Pin CollectionDisney World pin trading
I also treaded for 18 more pins for my various pin collections. It’s kind of funny because I’ve noticed that collecting pins has been a new “craze/trend” and it’s so fun seeing people get so excited about something I’ve been passionate about for years (I’ve been trading and collecting pins for over a decade now). Pin trading is one of my favorite things about the Disney Parks experience. Every pin has a fun story or memory attached to it. As of now, I’d say I have over 400+ Disney pins.Disney Parks Sticky notes
I’ve been eyeing this Disney foods sticky notes pack for a while now, so I decided to finally buy it (I can’t wait to use these in my planner!).Disney World minnie Mouse iPad Case
I am in LOVE with this Minnie Mouse iPad case!Funko dorbz ridez Vanellope
Although I didn’t get this from the Disney Parks, since it’s still a Disney item I decided to include it. I was so HAPPY when I found this Comic Con Exclusive Funko Dorbz Ridez Vanellope at the Hot Topic at the Orlando mall. She’s the CUTEST!

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