Pampering Loki With A Visit To Kriser’s Natural Pet

September 21, 2016

*Special thanks to Kriser’s Natural Pet for sponsoring today’s post! As always, all opinions are my own*
Kriser's Natural Pet Store
Did you know that it’s National Dog Week? I for one think that it’s awesome that there’s a special week dedicated to celebrating our four legged friends (although I definitely celebrate my little Loki all day everyday!). Before adopting Loki last year, I never knew what utter joy a dog could bring. Sure I’ve always been a HUGE animal lover and I often bond easily with my friends dogs but before Loki, I never knew what true unconditional love felt like. Although I consider myself to be a very positive and optimistic person, there are those rare days where it seems like things just aren’t falling into place the way I need them to. And then I come home to see that wagging tail and those big brown eyes and it seems like all those worries just disappear. Sure I adopted him but it was Loki who really rescued me! I honestly couldn’t imagine my life without Loki. Since I travel so often (I’m actually heading to D.C. TONIGHT), I wanted to take Loki out for a special treat to remind him just how much I love him. So I decided to pamper Loki with a little visit to Kriser’s Natural Pet!Kriser's Natural Pet Store
At Kriser’s, they focus on providing the best possible education, customer service, and uniquely inviting shopping environment to humans and furry friends alike! Kriser's Natural Pet Store
Kriser's Natural Pet Store
Seriously, how ADORABLE are those dog treats?! Kriser’s had such an awesome variety of treats (much to Loki’s satisfaction!).Kriser's Natural Pet Store
Loki looked like a kid (or I guess a puppy) in a candy store going up and down each aisle. He wanted to stop and smell everything. Since this visit was a special treat for him (gosh I am going to miss him while I’m in D.C), I wanted to make sure that HE picked out exactly what he wanted. Kriser's Natural Pet StoreKriser's Natural Pet StoreKriser's Natural Pet Store
The first stop was, of course, the food aisle! Loki couldn’t resist the Stella & Chewy’s Meal Mixers. He keep sniffing all the bags and wagging his tail like crazy (something he often does when he smells something yummy!). I’m so happy that Kriser’s eliminates the stress of finding Loki the natural food he needs to stay healthy. As Loki walked up and down the food aisles, I knew that whatever food he gravitated towards was a good healthy choice! In the end it was apparent that Stella & Chewy’s was Loki’s first choice. I love that Stella & Chewy’s freeze dried dog food is made with raw, grass-fed beef and organic fruits and vegetables and that it does not contain hormones, grains, fillers, gluten, or artificial preservatives or colorings!Kriser's Natural Pet Store TreatsKriser's Natural Pet StoreKriser's Natural Pet Store
I don’t think he’s ever seen that many rawhides and bully sticks before. He was mesmerized!Kriser's Natural Pet Store
Of course no trip to the store is complete without picking up a toy (or two!) Loki had so much fun picking out his own toy.Kriser's Natural Pet StoreKriser's Natural Pet Store
Loki LOVES rope toys so I wasn’t surprised when he grabbed a huge gray one from the toy display!Kriser's Natural Pet Store
I think Loki wore himself out with all the fun he had shopping at Kriser’s (luckily they had complimentary water set out for dogs!).Kriser's Natural Pet StoreKriser's Natural Pet StoreKriser's Natural Pet Store
While Loki LOVED everything he picked out from Kriser’s (surprisingly, he actually picked out everything himself), I for one was obsessed with the little Hawaiian Shirt cookie treat (seriously, how adorable is that!).Kriser's Natural Pet StoreKriser's Natural Pet Store
It’s safe to say that Loki LOVED his Hawaiian Shirt cookie treat too! You can check out more of Loki’s adventures at Kriser’s down below!

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