Rainbow Popcorn and A Gilmore Girls Marathon

November 8, 2016

*Special thanks to Hefty® for sponsoring today’s post! As always, all opinions are my own*Rainbow Popcorn
Words can not even describe how excited I am for the Gilmore Girls revival to premiere on Netflix later this month! Although I’ve talked about my love for Gilmore Girls here on the blog before, some of you may not know that Gilmore Girls was a HUGE part of my childhood. I think the reason I always loved Gilmore Girls so much is because I always thought that Lorelei and Rory’s relationship was a lot like the relationship between my mom, sister and I. Like Lorelei and Rory, my mom, sister and I have always had more of a “best friends” relationship than a mother/daughter/sister relationship. We are also SUPER witty, funny and always up to date with all things pop culture (something that I’ve aways been super proud of, if I do say so myself). Fun fact: I was a journalism major in college (class of 2014 where you at?) and that was 100% because of Rory Gilmore. It’s kind of funny because growing up, I didn’t really know anyone watched Gilmore Girls and now it seems like just about EVERYONE is obsessed with them (I guess that has a lot to do with people binge-watching it on Netflix). In preparation for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, I decided to break out my old (and VERY worn in) Gilmore Girls DVDs, my Dragonfly Inn t-shirt and my Luke’s Diner mug for a epic Gilmore Girls marathon (rainbow popcorn included!).Gilmore Girls DVDs
The first five seasons of Gilmore Girls are my absolute favorite! I’ve literally seen every episode of the first five seasons of Gilmore Girls so much that you could show me a screenshot and I’d be able to tell you what the episode title is and what the next line of dialogue is (hey, I take my love of TV shows VERY seriously!). Since the Gilmore Girls DVDs are all bright, fun colors, I decided that a bright, fun treat was essential for my marathon.Rainbow Popcorn
What’s more bright or fun than RAINBOW POPCORN! If you’ve never made rainbow popcorn then I highly suggest you add it to your to-do list ASAP!Rainbow Popcorn
All you need to make Rainbow Popcorn is some popcorn (my personal favorite is Pop Secret Movie Theater Butter Popcorn), sugar, a little bit of water, food dye and, of course, a handy Hefty® Slider Bag so you can mix everything together.Hefty Slider Bags
Whenever I make rainbow popcorn, I always make sure to pick up some Hefty® Slider Bags from Walmart. Hefty® Slider Bags cost less than Ziploc® Slider Bags, when comparing the same type of bag (freezer/storage) and size (quart/gallon) of the closest price point. Hefty® Slider Bags are strong thanks to the MaxLock® track design (which means they can hold lots of yummy rainbow popcorn!).Rainbow Popcorn Recipe
First, make sure your popcorn is nice and popped and sealed in your Hefty® Slider Bag. Make sure you wait and hear the zipper sound, which indicates the seal is nice and secure (so your popcorn will stay fresh).Rainbow Popcorn Recipe How to Make Rainbow Popcorn
Next, you’ll need to add a little bit of water and about 180g of sugar into a pot and boil it. Once the sugar has dissolved completely, it’s time to add your food dye (I went with four different colors but you’re welcome to add in as many different colors to your rainbow popcorn batch as you’d like).Rainbow Popcorn Recipe Rainbow Popcorn Recipe
Now comes my favorite part, adding the sugar/food dye mixture into the Hefty® Slider Bag containing your popcorn and shaking it all up!Making Rainbow Popcorn
Repeat the process with each different color and voila, you’ve got yourself a bunch of rainbow popcorn!Rainbow Popcorn Recipe Rainbow PopcornRainbow Popcorn Recipe
Can you tell how much I’ve watched my Gilmore Girls DVDs over the years? The third season is missing its cover, the fourth season is all scratched up and the fifth season is literally being held together by tape (now that’s what I call well loved DVDs!).

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