TokyoTreat Monthly Japanese Candy & Snacks Box Review

December 21, 2016

Happy Wednesday! Can you believe that Christmas is only FOUR days away? Since I’m spending the holidays in Paris (I leave TOMORROW), my family spent last weekend opening up all of our Christmas presents (shoutout to Santa for delivering all the gifts a week early to accommodate our travel plans!). If it wasn’t obvious from all my blind box and bag openings, I LOVE a good surprise! It’s always so much fun opening up something and not knowing exactly what you’ll get (speaking of opening things/gifts, I’m so grateful for all the wonderful gifts I got for Christmas this year!). That’s why I love subscription boxes, it’s like Christmas every month (and who doesn’t love Christmas?)! If you know me, or if you checked out my YumeTwins review last week, then you already know that I’m OBSESSED with Japanese culture and all things kawaii (seriously, it’s the BEST)! That’s why I was super excited when YumeTwins contacted me and asked if I wanted to review not only one of their YumeTwins boxes (you can check out that review HERE) but one of their TokyoTreat boxes as well!TokyoTreatTokyoTreat
TokyoTreat is a subscription-based service that delivers the most premium Japanese snacks and candies to your door monthly. From the salty, sour to the sweet, with TokyoTreat you’ll discover limited edition Japanese treats that you won’t find anywhere else! TokyoTreatTokyoTreat
The theme of November’s TokyoTreat Monthly Japanese Candy & Snacks Box was “Japan’s Most Iconic Snacks,” so to say I was excited to see what was inside is an understatement! TokyoTreat
So. MUCH. Yumminess! Seriously, I don’t think I’ve EVER seen so many goodies in one little box.TokyoTreat
The treats inside the TokyoTreat box were divided into three different categories: small, regular and premium snacks!TokyoTreat
The “small” treats included: BAKE Limited Edition Sweet Potato Flavor (which is a sweet potato flavored chocolate snack), a Chocolate Pie Bar, Calbee Seaweed & Salt Chips (I have a friend who studied abroad in Tokyo and she LOVED all things Calbee), Baked Sweet Potato Yokan (anyone else notice a sweet potato theme), Whistle Ramune and Mayotara!TokyoTreat
The “regular” treats included: Coris Fruit & Vegetable Shop Chewing Candy, Caramel Corn Apple Pie Flavor, Umaitama – Chocolate, Shigekix Mikan Gummy and a Kinako Stick.Coris Fruit & Vegetable Shop Chewing Candy
The Coris Fruit & Vegetable Shop Chewing Candy is a DIY candy, meaning you get to make the candy yourself using the molds provided (it was so much fun making it!).image2
Last but not least were the “premium” treats, which included: a Re-ment Omusubi-koroin Mascot, Fujiya Nectar Peach Juice (it was SO yummy), Morinaga Milk Caramel, a Genji Pie and Pocky Soft Milk Flavor!TokyoTreat TokyoTreat
My favorite treats were the Pocky, Fujiya Nectar Peach Juice, Coris Fruit & Vegetable Shop Chewing Candy, the Chocolate Pie Bar and Calbee Seaweed & Salt Chips (but everything was super yummy to my surprise!). If you’re a fellow lover of all things kawaii or trying new yummy treats, I HIGHLY recommend YumeTwins and TokyoTreat!