Blind Box & Bag Roundup 41. (Disney Chocolate Surprise Eggs)

January 9, 2017

Disney Chocolate Surprise Eggs
Happy Monday and welcome to another edition of Blind Box & Bag Roundup (aka the first BB&BR post of the year, woot woot!). If you checked out my Finding Dory Surprise Egg opening or my Frozen Surprise Egg opening then you already know how much I LOVE chocolate surprise eggs (especially Disney themed ones!). There’s just something about chocolate surprise eggs that make me happy (I guess it’s the combination of yummy chocolate and a fun treat/toy inside!). I got these adorable Disney Chocolate Surprise Eggs as early Christmas stocking stuffers (and what awesome stocking stuffers they were) but I just got around to opening them last weekend (since I spent the holidays in Paris and I didn’t want to take them with me on my trip!). Don’t worry though, as you can see on the labeling they don’t go bad until 2018 so it’s all good! It’s so funny because even though I love opening (and eating) chocolate surprise eggs, they’ve always been pretty hard to find (if you checked out my last chocolate surprise eggs then you might recall that the only place I could ever find them, besides online, was Cracker Barrel), until now! I’m so excited because my local grocery store now sells these exact chocolate eggs at the checkout register (which is where my family got these!).Disney Chocolate Surprise Eggs
Is it just me or is taking pictures of tsum tsums super fun (they’re just so cute!). I got two different Disney Chocolate Surprise Eggs for Christmas (well, as stocking stuffers), a 101 Dalmatians one and an Inside Out one (with Disgust on it).Disney Chocolate Surprise EggsDisney Chocolate Surprise Eggs
Once you unwrap the chocolate surprise egg, all you have to do is slightly crack the egg in two to reveal the toy inside!Disney Chocolate Surprise Eggs
Inside the 101 Dalmatians egg was the cutest little Thumper keychain thing (I don’t really know to describe it. It looked like a keychain without the actual chain part).image1
Inside the Inside Out egg was a cute little Disgust (talk about a cool coincidence) keychain thing!

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