Things I Love + Valentine’s Day Tag

February 14, 2017

Disney Pins
Happy Valentine’s Day! Although I don’t usually post on Tuesdays, I thought it would be fun to post a little “Things I Love + Valentine’s Day Tag” today. As some of you may recall, I’ve been trying to post one Q&A/Tag post per month (so you guys can get to know a little more about me and I can in turn learn more about you guys). Like I said in my Disney TagFall/Halloween Tag and Winter Wonderland/Christmas Tag posts, I always have so much fun reading these kinds of posts and watching Youtube tag videos because I feel like you really get to learn more about the person behind the blog (or channel in the case of YT). Feel free to answer any of these questions for yourself down in the comments below (I’d LOVE to hear your answers)!

1. What was your favorite Valentine’s Day memory? Spending last Valentine’s Day at Disneyland! It was so much fun. I love spending holidays at Disney. So far, I’ve spent Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, my birthday (which I consider a holiday), Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Eve and New Year’s at the Disney Parks. I really want to spend the Fourth of July at Disney one day!

2. Sweethearts or chocolate covered strawberries? Is that even a question? Chocolate covered strawberries of course. Although, if I’m being honest, I’m not a huge fan of chocolate covered strawberries unless they’re white chocolate.

3. Favorite romantic drama? Probably Moulin Rogue because I’ve seen it so many times that I literally know every line in the film (and who doesn’t love a good musical?).

4. Pink or red? It depends on the item, but I’d say pink.

5. Thoughts on/about Valentine’s Day? I think it’s a fun/cute day to celebrate our loved ones. I really hate when people, especially single people, decide to get bitter about Valentine’s Day (or call it “Single Awareness Day). To me, Valentine’s Day is day about love in general and celebrating those we love (whether that be your friends, family, coworkers, partners, etc.).

6. What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Celebrating my dog Loki’s birthday! He turns two today.

7. Who was the last person you said “I love you” to? Loki. 

8. List 10 things you love. My dog Loki, my friends and family (I’m counting that as one), Disney, writing, Broadway, traveling, learning new things, Chicago, food (ha ha ha) and finding a pair of shoes that actually fit (for real though!).

9. What is your favorite “love” quote? All you need is love. 

10. What is your favorite love song? Beauty and the Beast! Speaking of Beauty and the Beast, I’m buying my tickets to see it opening day later on today!

If you enjoyed this Things I Love + Valentine’s Day Tag, make sure to leave your answers to one (or more) of these questions in the comment section down below!