VNYL | Curated Vinyl Records Delivered Monthly

April 14, 2017

VNYL Curated Vinyl Records Delivered Monthly
After hearing a ton of mixed reviews (from both word of mouth and online reviews) about VNYL, I decided to finally bite and the bullet and check it out for myself. If you checked out my previous VNYL review then you may recall that during Cyber Monday, VNYL was having an awesome deal where you could get a two month membership for just $40 and since you get three records per month, that’s $40 for six records (which isn’t half bad if you ask me!). Although I had a somewhat positive/pleasant first month experience with VNYL, I can’t say the same for my second/final month. Even though I’m a huge vinyl lover/collector, I don’t think VNYL is the best route, for me personality, for growing a record collection. I’m glad I decided to try VNYL out (that Cyber Monday deal was a little to good to pass up) but (regular) price wise, I definitely don’t think it is worth it!VNYL Curated Vinyl Records Delivered Monthly
At VNYL, they hand-curate three records specific to you every month. These records are based on your specific music tastes. After signing up for VNYL, you must fill out a user profile where you are asked all about your music tastes, your favorite artists, how many albums you already own, which genres you do or don’t like, etc. 

Each month (although, the months aren’t back to back. If you have a two month membership, like myself, you can choose to receive records in January and then you can wait until March to receive more, it’s up to you) you are asked to chose a “#VIBE,” which is basically like a theme that helps them to select which music to send you that month. Each #VIBE is linked to a Spotify playlist that allows you to get a better feel of the kind of music that goes along with that certain #VIBE. For this month’s #VIBE I went with #Springbreak since its Spotify playlist was filled with fun, upbeat tunes from artists like DJ Snake, Justin Bieber, Diplo (etc.) IMG_9550
I was a little shocked when I opened my VNYL package this month because the albums didn’t scream #Springbreak at all! In fact, they were more Indie Rock then EDM (which is what I expected since that’s what the #Springbreak Spotify playlist was filled with!). Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Indie Rock (in fact, I’d say it’s my favorite music genre) but in my opinion it didn’t fit the #VIBE at all (which is super disappointing!).Dams of the West Youngish American
The first vinyl that I got was Youngish American by Dams of the West, which happens to be the debut studio album by Vampire Weekend drummer Chris Tomson. Fun Fact: I LOVE Vampire Weekend! The Halocline EPs Hippo Campus
The second vinyl I received was The Halocline EPs by Hippo Campus. Visually this is such a stunning record (I’m a sucker for black and white records) but again, I don’t get how this, another Indie Rock album, fits the #Springbreak #VIBE? I will say that I really do like this record and band (my favorite song at the moment is “South.”) Hippo Campus is actually playing here in Chicago next month so I think I might go and check them out live!Twin Peaks Down In Heaven
The final vinyl I got from VNYL was Down In Heaven by Twin Peaks which, if you couldn’t already guess, was yet again another Alternative/Indie band! Like I said earlier, I’m all about Alternative/Indie bands but when a #VIBE’s Spotify playlist is filled with EDM music (which is definitely #Springbreak like), it’s a little odd when you receive three vinyls that don’t really seem to fit that theme!

All in all, I liked the three albums I got but I definitely WON’T be renewing my VNYL subscription. First of all, the website clearly states that standard shipping is five – seven days but BOTH months I used VNYL my albums took over five weeks to arrive (I understand it’s a small company and it takes time to hand curate everyone’s order but don’t put the shipping is five days when it clearly isn’t!). Another issue I run into with VNYL was the fact they auto renewed my subscription TWICE (charging me $80) when I clearly only had a two month trial service (and indicated I did not what to renew!). Thankfully after I contacted them about there mistake they refunded my $80 immediately but it was still a hassle!