Dining at Three Broomsticks | Wizarding World of Harry Potter

May 19, 2017

The Three Broomsticks Wizarding World of Harry PotterHappy Friday everyone! If you checked out my latest post (or if you follow me on Instagram) then you may already know that I’m heading to Disney World next month (aren’t impromptu trips the best?). Even though I’m already heading to Disney World in August, earlier this week I found an unbeatable price on a flight to Orlando for next month so of course I booked it! Since I’m heading to Disney, that also means I’m heading to Universal Orlando. If you’ve been following this blog for a while then you might recall that I wasn’t always a fan of Universal (it’s not that I hated it, I just wasn’t to fond of it) but ever since I became a Universal Orlando annual passholder, and really got the chance to fully  explore the parks, I’ve grown to really appreciate Universal. Although, I will admit I’m not a huge fan of the dinning options in Universal (Universal CityWalk is a different story though!). Ever since I started posting Disney Parks Restaurant Reviews, I’ve been wanting to share Universal Restaurant Reviews as well. The only problem is, I rarely dine at any of the restaurants at Universal Orlando. That’s not to say there aren’t any good restaurants within Universal Orlando. One of my go-to dining spots at Universal Orlando is Three Broomsticks, which is located within the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.Wizarding World of Harry Potter The Three Broomsticks The Three Broomsticks Restaurant Wizarding World of Harry Potter Restaurants The Three Broomsticks | Wizarding World of Harry Potter
Located in Hogsmeade (which is in Universal’s Island’s of Adventure), Three Broomsticks is a rustic tavern quick service restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. One of my favorite things about the Wizarding World of Harry as a whole is its amazing theming! You honestly feel like you are stepping into the Harry Potter universe. Wizarding World of Harry Potter butterbeer
I talked about this in another Wizarding World of Harry Potter post but I’m NOT a fan of butterbeer (mostly because I’m not a cream soda fan) but I have to admit that the little mugs you can order them in are super cute (as you all know, I’m obsessed with souvenir cups/mugs!).Three Broomsticks Rotisserie Smoked Chicken Platter
My go-to Three Broomsticks meal is the Rotisserie Smoked Chicken Platter which is served with corn on the cob and roasted potatoes (and I always order a side of Baked Potato!).Three Broomsticks Rotisserie Smoked Chicken Platter
This is going to sound weird but my favorite thing about the Rotisserie Smoked Chicken Platter is actually the corn on the cob! No really, it’s so amazing (it has a sweet taste to it, if that makes sense?).Three Broomsticks Shepherd's Pie with Garden Salad
Fun fact: I LOVE Shepherd’s Pie (ground beef, lamb and vegetables, crowned with potatoes? Yes please!).Three Broomsticks Shepherd's Pie with Garden Salad
Although the Shepherd’s Pie with Garden Salad from the Three Broomsticks isn’t necessarily that great, it’s also not that bad. If you’re not a huge shepherd’s pie fan I wouldn’t recommend it (this should NOT be your first introduction to shepherd’s pie) but if you are a fan then it’s definitely worth checking out.