EsianBox | Monthly Asian Mystery Snack Box

May 23, 2017

EsianBox | Monthly Asian Mystery Snack Box
Back in April, EsianMall contacted me and asked if I would like to review an EsianBox and of course I said yes (you all know how I love snail mail and all things kawaii!). EsianBox is a curated collection of awesome snack or beauty items, that also includes merch from the best pop culture franchises delivered to your door every month. There are three different EsianBox subscriptions to choose from: the mystery tee box, which includes one exclusively licensed T-shirt and two super cool goodies, the snack box, which comes in three sizes and includes a total of 5-14 snacks and 1-2 geek gear items and the beauty box, which includes 5-8 makeup and skincare products and 1-2 Geek-chic fashion items. As you can probably tell from the photo above, I opted for the snack box (I just LOVE Asian snacks so much!). EsianBox | Monthly Asian Mystery Snack Box
Is it just me or does anyone else just love that feeling when you first open up a new subscription box? I love the mystery of it!EsianBox
So many yummy snacks!EsianBox | Monthly Asian Mystery Snack Box
The first thing that caught my eye when I opened up the EsianBox was the little Deadpool sticker and Deadpool crew socks (who doesn’t love Deapool?). Like I said earlier, each snack box comes with 1-2 geek gear items (along with snacks) and I loved that this month’s EsianBox featured my man Deadpool! In the green package were Glico Olive Pretz Basil Pretzel Sticks and man were they good! I’m not quite sure what the little green candies are called but they have a gummy taste to them.Monthly Asian Mystery Snack Box
I’ve been on a bit of a mango kick lately so I was super excited to see orange and mango Hi-Chew in my EsianBox! I was also excited to see TOHATO Chocolate Biscuits because I’ve tried them before and they’re so yummy! I wasn’t to fond of the Befco Bakauke Assorted Rice Crackers but I’m glad I got to try them out.EsianBox | Monthly Asian Mystery Snack Box
The EsianBox box didn’t come with a label/booklet that listed exactly what all of the snacks were (I really wish they included one) so I’m not sure what the little potato looking things are. I LOVE trying different types of Asian chips! They always have such unique flavors. Pictured above are BBQ corn chips!EsianBox | Monthly Asian Mystery Snack Box
Okay, can we talk about the packaging on that Cheese Ramen and Coris Soft Candy Animal Lollipops DIY Candy Kit?! So cute!EsianBox | Monthly Asian Mystery Snack Box
What would an Asian snack box be without lots of chocolate? The cacao cake, green tea Kit Kat’s and Kinoko cookies were so yummy! Definitely one of the highlight of the EsianBox.EsianBox | Monthly Asian Mystery Snack BoxEsianBox | Monthly Asian Mystery Snack BoxEsianBox | Monthly Asian Mystery Snack BoxEsianBox | Monthly Asian Mystery Snack Box
If you’re a fan of trying yummy new Asian snacks then I definitely recommend giving EsianBox a try. Subscription boxes start for as low as $14.95 a month! Click here for $5 off your first EsianBox.