25 Blog Post Ideas (For When You’re Having Writer’s Block)

June 14, 2017

I Am Very Busy Planner
One of my favorite things about blogging is being able to blog about whatever I want. You know, since it’s MY blog. If I want to blog about Disney, I can. If I want to blog about my dog Loki, guess what, I can! There’s a certain freedom about blogging that I just really love. I grew up loving to read and write and I even graduated college (in 2014) with a  degree in Journalism (and a minor in Political Science) but most of my school life consisted of having to write what I was told.

Although I LOVE being about to have the freedom to blog about whatever I want (whenever I want), I have to admit that sometimes I do miss having little prompts/themed writing assignments because I often get writer’s block (hey, it’s hard having to come up with so many fun new things to blog about each week!). So I thought what better way to get over writer’s block than to write a post about blog post ideas for when you have writer’s block (see what I did there?).

So today I’m sharing 25 blog post ideas for when you’re having a serious case of writer’s block!

1. Do a Tag/Questions Post. It’s always fun writing posts where your readers get to know a little more about you on a personal level and Tag posts are a fun way to do this! I personally LOVE reading and posting Tag posts (make sure to check out my Springtime Tag, Valentine’s Day Tag, Winter Tag, Halloween Tag and Disney Tag!).

2. Talk About Your Favorite Places to Visit in Your City.

3. Post a Shopping Haul.

4. Share Your OOTD.

5. Share One of Your Favorite Recipes.

6. Write a Bucket List! I love, love, LOVE coming up with bucket lists (like my Broadway bucket list, Europe bucket list and Disney bucket list!). In fact, I plan on doing a comprehensive travel bucket list soon!

7. Host a Giveaway.

8. Create and Share a Music Playlist. I always have a blast coming up with my different Monday’s Music Playlists.

9. Talk about Your Favorite TV Shows or Movies.

10. Share “What’s In Your Purse.

11. Review a Book or Film. Back when I first launched this blog I used to get invited to a ton of movie screenings and review different films and I honestly miss it. I still do get invited to a ton of screenings (in fact, I saw Cars 3 on Monday and tonight I’m seeing The Book of Henry. Tomorrow I’m attending the 47 Meters Down screening and next week the new Transformers screening) but I haven’t written an actual review in some time.

12. List a Few of Your Travel Essentials.

13. Share Your Monthly Goals.

14. Write a Letter To Your Younger Self.

15. Write a Letter To Your Future Self.

16. Post a Roundup of Your Favorite Posts. This is a great way to generate new buzz for older posts and it’s a great way to showcase the posts that you are most proud of. You can even add a theme to the roundup. For example, you can posts your favorite DIY posts, the best that performed the best via social media (like which post was shared on Pinterest the most) or the posts with the most comments/discussions.

17. List Some of Your Favorite Youtubers or Youtube Videos.

18. Highlight Some of Your Favorite Esty Shops or Small Businesses.

19. Highlight Another Blogger. Blogging can be hard but one of the things that I love most about it is the wonderful blogging community! If you’re ever not sure what to post, talking about one of your favorite bloggers or a blogger who inspires you is a great way to introduce them to your audience.

20. Make a Must Have/Wish List

21. Share Why You Started Blogging or the Meaning Behind Your Blog’s Name.

22. Blog About Blogging. Do you have tips for growing an Instagram following? Are you a photoshop wiz? Chances are other bloggers would love to hear your tips!

23. Share a Recap of a Recent Concert or Event You’ve Attended.

24. Share a Roundup of Your Favorite Quotes.

25. Post a Throwback Travel Post. Do you have photos of a past trip that you took before you launched your blog? You can always share old travel recaps or blog about past trips (and it will be super fun for you to go back down memory lane)!