USA Travel Bucket List

June 16, 2017

USA Travel Bucket List
Nothing makes me happier than getting to cross something off of one of my (many) bucket lists! It’s such an accomplishment getting to finally experience something you’ve wanted for so long (and it makes you feel so happy!) I also love going back and reading the correlating blog posts so I can relive those moments over and over again! Along with getting to cross things off my bucket lists, another thing that truly makes me happy is traveling (speaking of traveling, I’m heading to Disney World next week!). Ever since I shared my Europe Travel Bucket List a few years ago (which I need to update a bit), I’ve been wanting to share a bucket list of some of the places I want visit here in my country. Although I’ve been to a lot of the big cities/destinations here in the States like New York City, Boston, Chicago (which is where I live), DC, Los Angelers, Philadelphia, Orlando, Baltimore, Milwaukee, Seattle, Miami, Tampa, St. Louis, etc., there are still so many more places that I want to explore here in the US!

Like with all of my bucket lists, whenever I accomplish one of these goals/travel to one of these places, I’ll cross it off the list and link the correlating blog post to it! Here are some of the places I’m itching to visit in the US (I’ll be adding to this list overtime!).

  • Big Sur
  • New Orleans
  • Maui
  • Savannah
  • Las Vegas
  • Yosemite
  • Cade Cod
  • Aspen
  • Nashville
  • Denver 
  • San Diego
  • Austin
  • San Francisco
  • Portland
  • Atlanta
  • Honolulu
  • Denali National Park
  • Albuquerque