Summer Vibes Tag

July 19, 2017

Happy Wednesday! As some of you may recall, I’ve been trying to post one Q&A/Tag post per month/every few months (so you guys can get to know a little more about me and I can in turn learn more about you guys). Since I already did a Fall Tag, Winter Tag and Spring Tag (and a few other Tags), I thought it would be fun to do a Summer Tag as well! Like I say in all my Tag posts, I always have so much fun reading these kinds of posts and watching Youtube tag videos because I feel like you really get to learn more about the person behind the blog (or channel in the case of YT)! Feel free to answer any of these questions for yourself down in the comments below!

1. What’s your dream summer vacation? Greece, 100%!

2. Favorite summer drink? At the moment it’s the Frozen Raspberry Lemonade from Potbelly.

3. S’mores or ice cream? Ice cream.

4. Pool or Beach? This is a tough one because I LOVE swimming/water (I swear I was a dolphin in a past life) but I’d have to go with beach.

5. Would you rather spend a summer day outside in the pool or inside watching Netflix? Pool (because you can watch Netflix any time/season!).

6. Your most fun summer memory? Going to Disney World each summer when I was a kid!

7. Favorite summer nail polish? Light pinks and purples.

8. Sunglasses or hats? Sunglasses.

9. Favorite summer scent? Anything fruit-scented!

10. Favorite BBQ food? It’s a tie between hotdogs and chicken!

11. Bikinis, tankinis, or one pieces? All of the above.

12.  Does your skin tan or burn? Tan. Although, since I’m naturally tan/have an olive skin tone (since I’m Black + Russian) my skin tone doesn’t really change during the summer.

13. What’s your favorite thing about summer? Traveling and hanging out with friends/family!

14. Least favorite thing about summer? THE HEAT (I’d gladly take the freezing cold winter temps!)

15.  What is the weather like where you live in the summer? Summer aren’t too bad here in Chicago (since it doesn’t get that humid!)

If you enjoyed this Summer Tag, make sure to leave your answers to one (or more) of these questions in the comment section down below!