5 Ways You Can Help RMHC & Give Back this Summer

August 28, 2017

*Special thanks to Ronald McDonald House Charities for sponsoring today’s post! As always, all opinions are my own*
As you all know, especially if you’ve been following along with my 12 Months of Happiness series these past few years, I’m all about positivity and spreading happiness! One of my favorite ways to spread happiness and joy is by volunteering, donating and just giving back in general. If you’ve been following this blog for a while then you may be aware that I volunteer at my local animal shelter on Friday’s and that I also donate regularly (both money and my time) to PAWS Chicago, which is where I adopted my dog Loki from. Another organization that I love helping out is the Ronald McDonald House Charities. It always brings such a smile to me face whenever I give back. It truly astounds me that one little person CAN honestly make a huge difference in someone else’s life. Speaking of making huge differences, did you know that last year Ronald McDonald House Charities, or RMHC, provided 2.4 million overnight stays to families? And in doing so gave the ability to spend more time with their sick children, to interact with their doctors, and to make important decisions about their children’s care? How amazing is that! Through the Ronald McDonald House and Ronald McDonald Family Room programs, RMHC provides places for families with sick children to stay just steps from the hospitals where they are receiving critical medical care. Here are five simple ways you can help RMHC and give back this summer:

1. Host a Bake Sale. A bake sale is always a fun (and yummy) way to bring in some bucks! Since my mom is a teacher and started back school today (the teachers, the students don’t report back until after Labor Day), I thought it would be fun to raise some money for RMHC by hosting a little bake sale at her school (the staff definitely loved all of the yummy treats!).
Seriously, those cupcakes were a huge hit!

2. Donate. If hosting or organizing a bake sale/fundraiser is to much of a hassle, you can always donate directly to an organization. You can head over to RMHC’s website and choose to donate to a RMHC Global Chapter, where your donation helps children and families in communities across the globe, a RMHC Chapter in the U.S., where your donation will help fund programs and services here in the U.S, or a RMHC Chapter outside the U.S. 

3. Volunteer. If there’s anything I’ve learned from volunteering at the animal shelter it’s that sometimes volunteering your time is JUST as important than donating money! Volunteers make the difference in the lives of all the RMHC families by cooking, hosting, listening, nurturing, or by simply being there and helping out in any way they can. 

4. Attend Local RMHC Events. Often RMHC will put on special events to help celebrate RMHC families and to raise money and awareness of the organization. For example, here in Chicago, RMHC put together a RMHC team for the 2017 Bank of America Chicago Marathon. By choosing to run for RMHC, participants were able to help continue giving children and families what they need most – each other.

5. Help Raise Awareness. Remember, every little thing helps. Something as small as sharing why you support RMHC on social media can spark a conversation and get others involved. Love to juggle? You could ask friends to pledge a certain amount for every catch with you make with juggling balls. No idea is too small!