Making Time For Exercise + My Favorite Post-Workout Snack

August 18, 2017

*Special thanks to Dannon Yogurt Drinks for sponsoring today’s post! As always, all opinions are my own*

Happy Friday everyone! This summer (this entire year actually) I’ve decided to continue on with my ‘healthier me’ mission! Like a lot of people, one of my biggest goals is to build an exercise habit that sticks (I don’t want to be one of those people who has one really intense workout and then quits.) Of course, wanting to make exercise a habit and actually doing it are two different things! While I can say that I’m satisfied with my overall workout routine/healthier eating habits as of now, I definitely want to kick things up a notch. With the summer upon us, I’m definitely starting to find a better workout and healthy eating balance that works best for my busy work and travel schedule (speaking of travel, I JUST got back from Disney, hence the lack of blog posts this past week!). With so much on my plate right now (my screenplay is really coming along), it can sometimes be hard to try to find the time to workout but I’m slowly starting to find new ways to incorporate exercise into my hectic schedule. Here are my four simples tips for fitting exercise into an already busy schedule: 

1. Make it as convenient as possible. Both my gym and yoga studio (I start yoga again next week) are located within 15 minutes from my house. This way, it’s easy to run back and fourth between work/my house and the gym/yoga. While working out is great, it’s important to remember that there’s more than one way to take care of your body. Eating right is JUST as important (if not more) if you’re striving for a healthier lifestyle (which is definitely one of my goals!). Unfortunately, my new ‘always on the go’ plan leaves little time to prepare good snack options. That’s why I LOVE Dannon® Oikos® Nonfat Yogurt Drinks. They’re the perfect snack to grab in-between my many workout sessions and post-workout (and they’re super yummy!) 
Dannon® Oikos® Nonfat Yogurt Drinks have quickly become my go-to post-workout snack! Since Walmart is located right across the street from my gym, it’s super convenient to run over and grab a few (they’re usually located right in the yogurt asile) for a yummy post-workout snack (make sure to keep these yogurt drinks refrigerated).
I love that the 4 packs (available at Walmart) allow me to stock up for all of my on the go occasions and workouts throughout the week! As of now my favorite flavors are the mixed berry and strawberry (but the vanilla is pretty good too!).

2. Make it fun! Exercise should never feel like a chore. One of my favorite ways to incorporate more exercise into my life is by playing my Wii U! I love games like Wii Fit and Just Dance. They’re so much fun I sometimes forget I’m working out (and trust me, playing eight straight songs on Just Dance IS a workout!)

3. Turn your everyday tasks into exercise. Exercise comes in many forms. Simple everyday tasks like walking to the train station before work or even spending a few hours shopping can constitute as working out. One of my favorite unconventional ways to work out is to include my dog Loki in household chores. With Loki, something as simple as taking the trash outside to the alley can turn into a 25 minute workout (you try chasing an energetic dog around while he’s trying to grab the huge trash bags out of your hand!). I’ve noticed that having Loki around when I’m doing my chores seems to lead into a lot of impromptu walks (and thus more exercise for me!) Loki LOVES to go for walks (more like runs,) so I always make sure to a few Dannon® Oikos® Nonfat Yogurt Drinks on hand! 

4. Do what makes YOU comfortable! Never compare your workout regime to someone else’s (trust me!). Some people prefer to workout at a gym, while some people prefer to workout in the comforts of their own home. It’s important to find out what works best for your situation, schedule and budget (those gym fees can get a little pricey!) Sometimes when I’m just not feeling the gym or yoga, I like to look up different YouTube workout videos. There are SO many great workout videos on YouTube that you can literally turn your house into a gym, Zumba class or yoga studio with the click of a button (no membership card needed!)
Have you tried Dannon® Oikos® Nonfat Yogurt Drinks? You can save money on your next Dannon® Oikos® Nonfat Yogurt Drinks purchase HERE! What’s your favorite workout snack?