5 Simple Ways To Show Your Dog You Care

October 2, 2017

5 Simple Ways To Show Your Dog You Care
Dogs are family. And they deserve to be treated like family. Ever since I adopted my dog Loki back in 2015, my life has forever changed for the better. Loki is way more than my pet, he’s my best friend. Before adopting Loki from PAWS Chicago, I never knew what utter joy a dog could bring. I’ve always been a HUGE animal lover and I often bond easily with my friends dogs but before Loki, I never knew what true unconditional love felt like! Sure I adopted him but it was Loki who really rescued me! I honestly couldn’t imagine my life without Loki.

Loki brings me so much joy and happiness and I’ve made it my mission to make sure Loki is always as happy as possible too! With pets, it’s the simple things that go a long way. You don’t have to go above and beyond to show your furry friend how much they truly mean to you. (Spoiler Alert: A simple treat will do!).

Here are five simple ways to show your dog you care:Milo’s Kitchen home-style dog treats
1. Reward Them When They Do Good.

Just like humans, dogs love positive reinforcement! Whenever Loki does something good, like follow a command (right now he’s learning “down”), I always reward him with a special treat. Loki loves Milo’s Kitchen home-style dog treats!

Milo’s Kitchen home-style dog treats
Milo’s Kitchen home-style dog treats are made totally free of artificial flavors or colors AND it’s made right here in the USA! Milo’s Kitchen home-style dog treatsI love that Milo’s Kitchen home-style dog treats are snacks that not only look like jerky, sausage slices and meatballs, but actually are 100% real jerky, sausage slices and meatballs.

I always make sure to pick up a few bags of Milo’s Kitchen home-style dog treats whenever I run to Meijer. Take advantage of this mPerks offer of 30% off Milo’s Kitchen home-style dog treats now through 10/7 (while supplies last) before you head into Meijer today!

2. Do More Of What They Love.

Loki LOVES going jogging and hiking so I always make sure to schedule in a few hikes for us throughout the week (he really does make the best workout partner!)

3. Massages, Lots of Massages.

Did you know that a massage can increase your dog’s circulation, decrease blood pressure, strengthen their immune system and encourage deeper breathing? It’s also a great form of bonding. Loki always looks forward to his daily massage (next to dinner, it might be his favorite time of day!).

Milo’s Kitchen home-style dog treats

4. Talk To Them.

Simply talking to your dog is an easy way to show them that you care. Whenever I talk to Loki I always make sure to address him by his name, make direct eye contact and talk in a pleasant, upbeat tone of voice.

5. Treat Them Just Like You Would Any Other Family Member.

Loki isn’t just my pet, he’s a member of my family. Since he’s just like any other member of the family, that means he participates in regular family traditions. Loki dresses up for Halloween and goes trick-or-treating. He gets presents under the Christmas Tree. He even has a birthday party each year (his birthday is on Valentine’s Day, how cool is that?)!

How do you show your dog you care?

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