Three Reasons Why Tucson Should Be On Your Travel Bucket List

October 4, 2017

*Special thanks to Visit Tucson for sponsoring today’s post! As always, all opinions are my own*Tucson Arizona
Although I’ve always loved to travel, I’ve really taken my travel game to a whole new level these past three years. No really, it seems like I’m ALWAYS traveling (in fact, I’m heading to Florida/Disney World in two days!). Some of my friends jokingly say that I live at the airport now. Even though I’ve traveled to a lot of amazing places in my life (my favorites being Paris, the Bahamas, Amsterdam, Los Angeles and Miami), I’m constantly adding new places to my travel bucket list.

Over the past few months I’ve spent a lot of time planning out my next big international trips (Canada and Asia) so I decided to take a step back from that and start looking into a few fun domestic destinations I can visit. Since I always have such a blast on the west coast, I decided to look into visiting Arizona and was pleasantly surprised when I discovered how awesome Tucson is!

Here are three reasons why Tucson is on my travel bucket list (and why it should be on yours too!): 

Restaurants in Tucson Arizona

1. Amazing Food.

It’s so odd because I used to be the pickiest (and I mean pickiest) eater ever but traveling so much has really turned me into a foodie! Whenever I research new places to visit, one of the first things I look into is the food scene in that city. Tucson is known for their innovative, creative, and unique food scene and they are also well known for their Mexican food, in which they have the largest and best concentration of Mexican food North of the border.

Charro Steak Tucson

I would love to visit Charro Steak, an industrial-chic steakhouse serving mesquite-grilled fare with a Mexican twist, while in Tucson! Doesn’t that steak look amazing?!

Zip Lining in Tucson

2. A Huge Variety of Fun Activities.

Tucson is an outdoor mecca waiting to be explored! Tucson’s outdoor environment transports visitors to another world. Can you imagine getting to see that gorgeous sight while zip lining? Zip Lining has been on my bucket list for the longest time and I would love to finally get a chance to do it!

Giraffe Encounter at Reid Park Zoo

I loved getting to feed a giraffe while I was in Tampa a few years ago. So I would definitely be up for the Giraffe Encounter at Reid Park Zoo in Tucson

San Xavier del Bac

3. Gorgeous Architecture.

Growing up in Chicago really helped hone my love for architecture. I love traveling to new places and getting to see all of the gorgeous buildings throughout the city.

Mission San Xavier del Bac

Mission San Xavier del Bac is a historic Spanish Catholic mission located about 10 miles south of downtown Tucson and it is absolutely breathtaking. Man, I would love to see this beauty in person some day! 

What’s on your travel bucket list?