Exploring the Harley-Davidson Museum | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

November 29, 2017

Harley-Davidson Museum
No trip to Milwaukee is complete without a visit to the Harley-Davidson Museum! Fun fact: The iconic American motorcycle manufacturer was founded out of a small shed in 1903 by William S. Harley and brothers Arthur and Walter Davidson in Milwaukee! Hence why the museum, which is dedicated to the more than 100-year history of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, is located in Milwaukee. 

Here are a few of my favorite photos from the Harley-Davidson Museum:Harley-Davidson MuseumHarley-Davidson MuseumHarley-Davidson Museum
The Harley-Davidson Museum is separated into two floors/levels. The upper level shows the procession of Harley-Davidson motorcycles from the early 1900s until now. That’s a LOT of motorcycles!Harley-Davidson MuseumHarley-Davidson MuseumHarley-Davidson Museum
I really enjoyed seeing all of the older Harley-Davidson motorcycles, especially the ones from the early 1900s! It was cool to compare them to the newer Harleys I’m used to seeing nowadays. I feel like the older Harley-Davidson motorcycles resembled bicycles more than they did motorcycles.Harley-Davidson MuseumHarley-Davidson MuseumHarley-Davidson Museum
There was a room on the upper level of the Harley-Davidson Museum that displayed different “job-based” Harley-Davidson bikes! The room had Harley-Davidson motorcycles that were used in the different branches of military, by the police and even mailmen. It’s crazy to think how heavily Harley-Davidson motorcycles were used in the early days of vehicles.Harley-Davidson Museum
My favorite Harley-Davidson motorcycle was definitely the Shore Patrol one since my mom was in the Navy. (Technically both of my parents were in the Navy but I was only raised by my mom so…).Harley-Davidson Museum
You gotta love all these vintage Harley-Davidson patches! Harley-Davidson MuseumHarley-Davidson MuseumHarley-Davidson MuseumHarley-Davidson MuseumOne of my favorite things about the Harley-Davidson Museum was the “Experience Gallery.” In the “Experience Gallery” there were several Harley-Davidson motorcycles you can ride (well sit on), touch and admire!Harley-Davidson Museum
I’m no motorcycle enthusiast but I truly enjoyed exploring the Harley-Davidson Museum!