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November 17, 2017

Japan Candy Box
Is it just me or is getting mail one of the best feelings in the world?! Packages, letters, catalogs, heck even junk mail, I love it all! Last week I got a special package in the mail: a Japan Candy Box! Japan Candy Box is a Japanese Candy Subscription Box filled with hand-picked quirky Japanese sweets & snacks!

I’m a huge fan of all of things kawaii and that includes food! I love getting to try out different types of snacks from around the globe. If you’re like me and love tasting out new snacks, Japan Candy Box is well worth the $18+/month (with free WORLDWIDE shipping!).

Here’s what was in my Japan Candy Box:

Japan Candy Box
Opening up my Japan Candy Box felt like Christmas morning. Just look at all those yummy treats! I honestly didn’t know where to start first! “Should I go for the chocolate treats first or the sour treats?”. So many choices! 

Speaking of Christmas, tonight is the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony here in Chicago. And tomorrow is the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival! I’m so excited that the holiday season is finally upon us!Japan Candy BoxJapan Candy Box
This month’s Japan Candy Box included:

  • Kracie Colorful Chocolate Puzzle
  • Happy Nikukyu Cat Paw Gummies
  • Coris Soft Soft Soft Candy Cola
  • Glico Disney Friends Chocolate Bottle
  • Glico Komekko Seaweed & Wasabi Okome Snack
  • Coris Watermelon Ramune Candy
  • Coris Soft Bubble Gum – Lemon Soda
  • Yaokin Sour Paper Gummy – Cola 
  • Yaokin Swwwt Corn Soup Corn Snack
  • Kasugai Chibi Vege Ramune Candy 

Japan Candy BoxJapan Candy Box
How awesome is that packaging? Disney really does make everything better! Although I enjoyed everything I received in my Japan Candy Box, the Glico Disney Friends Chocolate Bottle (which happened to have Stitch on it) was especially delicious!

Are you a lover of all things Kawaii? Today I’m teaming up with the lovely folks at Japan Candy Box for a special giveaway. One lucky Simply Sinova reader can WIN a Japan Candy Box of there very own! Enter below: BL Simply Sinova Giveaway