Netflix TV Shows Tag

May 9, 2018

Netflix TV Shows Tag
Happy Wednesday! As some of you may recall, I’ve been trying to post one Q&A/Tag post per month/every few months (so you guys can get to know a little more about me and I can in turn learn more about you guys). It’s been a while since my last Tag so I thought I’d do a fun Netflix inspired one today.

Here’s how the tag works. You choose five TV shows and then answer a set of random TV related questions. The questions each correspond with how you numbered each show. It will all make sense in a minute, trust me. I decided to go with five shows available on Netflix. (They don’t have to be Netflix original programs, just currently on Netflix!).

Here’s the shows I chose (FYI, these are all just random shows I enjoy!).

1. Stranger Things
2. Riverdale
3. Friends 
4. Gilmore Girls
5. The Office

(Again, these are just random shows. They aren’t necessarily my favorite shows of all-time, although Friends and Gilmore Girls just so happen to be two of my favorite shows of all-time!).

1. Who is your favourite character in 2?

Duh, Cheryl Blossom!

2. Who is your least favourite character in 1?

That’s hard. Maybe Billy (Max’s brother).

3. What’s your favourite episode of 4?

You can’t do this to me!! Probably Season 3, Episode 7: They Shoot Gilmores, Don’t They? So iconic!

4. What is your favourite season of 5?

Season Two, it’s what made me fall in love with The Office.

5. What’s your favourite relationship in 3?

Monica & Chandler.

6. How long have you watched 1?

Since it’s debut in July 2016.

7. How did you become interested in 3?

Growing up my mom and sister always watched friends and when I was about 9/10, I become super obsessed with it and binged-wacthed (before they was a thing lol) the first seven seasons (since season 8 was airing at the time).

8. Who is your favourite actor in 4?

Lauren Graham. 

9. Which show do you prefer 1, 2, or 5?

The Office!

10. Which show have you seen more episodes of 1 or 3?

Friends, because it has more seasons than Stranger Things.

11. If you could be anyone from 4, who would you be?

Lorelai Gilmore.

12. How would you kill off any character in 5?

I couldn’t do that!

13. Would a ¾ crossover work?

I don’t think so.

14. Pair two characters in 1 that would make an unlikely, but strangely okay couple.

Maybe Max and Mike? They’re aren’t many options.

16. Overall, which show has the better cast, 3 or 5?

WHY?!! I love Friends with all my heart but the cast of tThe Office, as a whole, is a little better. 

17. Which has the better theme music, 2 or 4?

Gilmore Girls!

Sidenote: Who else is excited for tonight’s Riverdale! Last week’s episode ended CRAZY!