What’s in My Disney Parks Bag: Disney World Must Haves

May 21, 2018

Disney World Must Haves
As most of you know, even though I live in Chicago, I travel to Disney quite often. In fact, ever since I became an annual pass holder back in 2015, I’ve visited Disneyland and Disney World at least seven times a year. I’ve also been to Disneyland Paris twice and am heading on my second Disney Cruise this August! (To me there’s no such thing as too much Disney!). 

Since I frequent the Disney Parks so often, I’ve become sort a Disney expert. (Especially when it comes to things like packing, best times to visit, how to save money, etc!). Over the years I’ve definitely learned the do’s and don’t of what to bring to Disney. 

Here’s what’s in my Disney Parks Bag:

What's in My Disney Parks Bag

I personally prefer carrying a backpack (or mini backpack), as appose to a purse, around Disney. It’s just easier for me to have something on my back than carrying something on my shoulders. Because of this, I try and keep what I carry minimal.

Disney World Must Haves

  • Annual Pass. One of the most important things in my Disney bag is my annual pass (along with my other cards: credit/debit, etc). Although I use my MagicBand to enter the park (and sometimes pay for things), I still always carry the physical pass in my bag.
  • Pins. You can always find random pins in my Disney bag. I LOVE pin trading, it’s one of my favorite things to do at Disney. Whenever I trade pins, I always throw the new pins into my backpack. (I don’t put them back on my lanyard because I don’t want to confuse them with my trader pins).

Cutest Mickey Ears at Disney World

  • Ears. I know what you’re thinking “Don’t you wear the ears on your head? Why are they in your bag?”. Well, during certain rides (like Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster or Expedition Everest) I take my ears off so I always make sure whatever bag I bring has enough room to store my ears during certain rides.

What to pack for Disney World

  • Sunglasses. Florida isn’t called “The Sunshine State” for no reason!
  • Umbrella. Since it rains basically 365 days a year in Florida, it’s always best to pack an umbrella (or you can pay $20+ for a poncho, your choice).

Disney World Annual Pass

  • A Scrunchie. Okay, but isn’t that the CUTEST scrunchie you’ve ever seen?! I got it at Disneyland Paris. My go-to hair style at Disney World is wearing it down but since it can get really humid throughout the day, I always have a scrunchie on hand so I can throw my hair up into a ponytail or bun.
  • Portable Charger. This one is pretty self explanatory.

Kleenex Wet Wips

  • Kleenex Wet Wipes. There’s a lot of things at Disney: Yummy food, awesome entertainment, fun rides. But you know what else is at Disney (something a lot of people don’t talk about)? GERMS! I always make sure to pack a pack of Kleenex Wet Wips in my Disney Parks bag!

Kleenex Wet Wipes

I love the new Kleenex Wet Wipes! They’re strong for hands and soft for face and body. They are also the perfect product to take on the go (and they’re great for Disney!). Kleenex Wet Wipes are available in Gentle Care, Germ Removal (my go-to for Disney) and Sensitive. I ordered mine off Amazon and saved time (because isn’t time the most valuable thing) and money. You can save up to $2 on Kleenex Wet Wipes HERE!

ShellieMay Disney Backpack

I know what you’re thinking “There’s no way ALL that stuff can fit into that ShellieMay bag?”.

What's in My Disney Parks Bag

BAM! And with room to spare!

This post is sponsored by Kleenex but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.