Celebrate the #ULTRADAD in Your Life with Michelob ULTRA

June 7, 2018

This post is sponsored by Michelob Ultra but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.Michelob ULTRA
It’s June, which means Father’s Day is right around the corner. Whether it’s your brother, friend or your own father, let’s toast to the #ULTRADAD who inspires us to live full lives and make better choices. 

Although I was raised by a single mom, I had two amazing father figures in my life: my granddad (who is sadly no longer with us) and my uncle. Growing up, we would always barbecue to celebrate Father’s Day. I have so many vivid memories of waiting by the grill while my grandad flipped the burgers and hotdogs.

My granddad would always let me help make the potato salad for the Father’s Day BBQ. He said I was the only one he trusted with the “special ingredient.” (Even though everyone in the family knew it!).

In fact, to this day, whenever I barbecue I always think back to those moments with my granddad! 

Even though my granddad is no longer with us, there are a ton of great Father’s out there who I can’t wait to honor this Father’s Day. Here are a few ideas for fun activities to do with your loved ones this Father’s Day:

  • Go Hiking. Nothing beats being with loved ones in the great outdoors, am I right?
  • Practice Your Swing. Golf and Father’s Day go together like PB & J!
  • Take Them Out To The Ball Game. Rooting on your home team with your old man? Sounds like the perfect day to me!
  • BBQ + Beer. Grilling in the backyard and hanging with friends and family with an ice cold Michelob ULTRA? Talk about the perfect Father’s Day!

Michelob ULTRA

Celebrate the #ULTRADAD in your life with Michelob ULTRA this Father’s Day! Michelob ULTRA has quickly become my go-to beer whenever I’m hosting a get together (Father’s Day BBQ included!).

Michelob ULTRA is all about living fit, living fun, and living a life without compromise. With 95 calories and 2.6 carbs, you don’t have to sacrifice the things you love. 

(Yes please!)

Michelob ULTRAMichelob ULTRA

I don’t know about you but I’ve always had trouble coming up with good gift ideas for Father’s Day. (Maybe it’s because I’m a girl but man, men are so hard to shop for!). In fact, I always end up going with something cliche like a tie or a gift card.

This Father’s Day I’m getting the fathers in my life something they’d really enjoy: Michelob ULTRA! (Okay, but how cute is that “Cheers To You” gift bag?!).

As one of the largest beer brands in the U.S, Michelob ULTRA represents not only a premium light and refreshing beer, but a brand that embodies wellness and active lifestyles.

Michelob ULTRA

I can’t wait to continue the Father’s Day BBQ tradition with my loved ones this Father’s Day. Burgers, chip and a cold Michelob ULTRA; it doesn’t get much better than that!