Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

June 13, 2018

Shake Shack Chicago
Hey! I know I’ve been super inconsistent when it comes to blogging lately, and I’m not here to give excuses, but I just wanted to check in and give you guys a little update. So basically, I’ve been SUPER unmotivated lately. It is what it is. I have so many fun blog post ideas in my head, but whenever I go to sit down and write, I just can’t.

My goal for this month, and the summer, is to get back to my regular blogging schedule. (AKA new posts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday). I still have a lot of Disney Cruise posts to share with you guys. (It’s crazy to think that that cruise was back in January. I can’t wait until my next Disney Cruise in August!).

Also, can we just talk about that photo for a second. Who doesn’t love Shack Shake?!

If you guys follow me on Twitter, then you might have seen my recent tweet about booking a trip. I’m SUPER excited because I’ve been planning this trip for what seems like forever but it kept getting pushed back for one reason or another. Regardless, I’m finally going and I leave next week (make sure to follow along on Instagram to see where I’m going wink, wink! I’ll give you one hint, it’s NOT anywhere in the US).

Long story short, you can expect lots of travel posts coming soon (including a ton of Disney Cruise ones I’ve yet to post) and a ton of other fun posts as well. I am determined to break this “lazy funk” I’ve been in because I’ve generally missed blogging!

Also, can I just say that I love posts like this? Posts that have no rhyme or reason to them! Posts where I can just tell you guys my thoughts without having a certain “theme” to them. It’s super refreshing! You can definitely expect more posts like this from me in the future. (AKA random thoughts scribbled down!).

Another quick side note, I just bought my tickets to see Incredibles 2 this Friday and I am SO EXCITED!! Anyone else have plans to see it this weekend/opening day?