To Travel is to Live [Travel TAG]

August 1, 2018

Eiffel Tower Paris at Night
Happy August everyone. It’s crazy how fast this summer has been going by. (But hey, no complaints here, bring on fall and winter please!). Even though I’m not the biggest fan of summer, I can’t deny that this summer has been a great one. In fact, I spent the first day of summer exploring Toronto, Canada. 

As some of you may recall, I’ve been trying to post one Q&A/Tag post per month/every few months. (So you guys can get to know a little more about me and I can in turn learn more about you guys). Since it’s now August, that means it’s time for another Tag! 

And since I started out this summer with a trip to Canada and next week I’ll be in Disney World, I thought today would be the perfect timing for a “travel tag.”

1. What was the last country you visited? Canada. 

2.  How many countries have you visited? Five (USA, Canada, Paris, Amsterdam and The Bahamas.)

3. How many continents have you visited? Two. (North America and Europe).

4. What is your favorite place you’ve traveled to? A tie between Paris and Canada.

5. Favorite place in your home country? Chicago, duh. But I also love Los Angeles.

6. Somewhere you’d like to visit in the USA? New Orleans. 

7. If you could board a plane right now, where would you go? Tokyo.

8. Do you mostly travel for work or pleasure? Both! I’m very lucky that my “work” IS this blog (along with other freelance projects). So while I’m mostly traveling for pleasure, sharing those travels here on the blog also counts as “work trips!”. 

9. Favorite time of the year to travel? This is a super hard one but maybe fall, since the weather during fall in most places is so nice. But I also love visiting places during the holidays/winter. Paris during christmastime was so magical!

10. Worst travel experience? Back when I was in college I was flying home to Chicago from school and my flight was delayed six hours and then canceled so I had to sleep in the Philadelphia airport. Expect I was afraid to go to sleep (because I didn’t want someone to steal my bags) so I stayed up for almost ten hours waiting for the next flight. 

11. Best travel experience? My first trip to Paris was AMAZING! The flight was a 10/10. My mom and I were seated right in front of the restroom and we were the cut off seats in the first section of the plane. (Does that make sense?). The food was so delicious and overall it was such a great introduction to international traveling. 

12. How many states in the USA have you visited? 19 States + Washington D.C. (Washington, California, Minnesota, Missouri, Georgia, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New York, South Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, Washington DC, Colorado and Wisconsin).

13. Top five places on your bucket list? Tokyo, Sydney, Brazil, Morocco and Greece. (Basically I want to hit 6/7 continents because visiting Antarctica seems highly unlikely).

14. Advice for those who want to travel more but think they can’t? My biggest advice is DO YOUR RESEARCH. No really, I can’t tell you how much money I’ve saved by triple checking my research. People often ask me “How do you travel so much?.” “You must have a lot of money.” Trust me, I don’t. I’m always looking for good deals on flights/hotel.

Honestly, I’m thinking of writing a whole post full of travel tips/how to travel more for less! So stay tuned for that.

15. Most embarrassing moment abroad? I had no idea that you had to pay to use the bathroom in the Charles de Gaulle Airport. So when I got off the plane in Paris (during my first visit) I rushed to the bathroom of course. I rushed past the person who you are supposed to pay (if you’ve been to Paris you know what I’m talking about) and they were like “Excuse me, you have to pay.” (They said this in french of course). 

I was so embarrassed and confused. I thought all restrooms, especially those in public places/airports, were free. Luckily I had cash on me because I really had to go to the bathroom. I’ve never forget that moment!

If you enjoyed this Travel Tag, make sure to leave your answers to one (or more) of these questions in the comment section down below!