Halloween Meets Christmas | Thrifting Adventures

October 26, 2018

Vintage Star Wars Darth Vader Halloween Decor
October, my favorite time of year! I love this time of year because the holiday’s are truly in effect! Halloween is right around the corner, Thanksgiving isn’t to far away and Christmas is almost within arms reach. Yup, it really is the BEST time of year!

To celebrate the season, I decided to hit up Goodwill this past weekend to see if I could find some cool vintage Halloween and Christmas decor! And since it’s been a hot minute since I updated my  “Thrifting Adventures” series, I thought why not kill two birds will one stone.

(But seriously, please don’t actually try and kill birds with stones. It’s inhumane! Who even coined that phrase?).

Here’s what I found at Goodwill: 

Vintage 2000 Walt Disney World Glass cupVintage 2000 Walt Disney World Glass cup

I was super surprised to see this 2000 Walt Disney World cup because I have the exact same one at home! I got it at WDW, in 2000 of course, and I LOVE it and still use it to this day! Since I already have one I decided to leave this for another Disney lover to stumble upon.

Vintage 2004 Winnie the Pooh Ornament

Fun Fact: Winnie the Pooh was one of my favorite Disney stories growing up (I still love Pooh!). I loved the books, the movies and all of the TV shows based off of Pooh! If this ornament didn’t say “Baby’s 1st Christmas” I might  have gotten it! (It’s still super cute though!).

Vintage Christmas Minnie Mouse Plush

Poll time: Do you find this vintage Christmas Minnie plush to be more cute or creepy? (I personally thought it was super cute and I honestly regret not getting it!).

McDonald's Space Jam Plush Toys

Okay fellow 90s kids, PLEASE tell me you remember the Mcdonald’s Space Jam plush toys? They were the BEST! My sister and  I seriously loved these plush toys. We had Bugs Bunny, Lola, Taz and one of the Monstars. Seeing this plush at Goodwill seriously brought me back to my childhood!

Darth Vader Halloween Trick or Treat Basket

Name a cooler treat-or-trick bucket? I’ll wait!

vintage Telemania Sleeping Talking Goofy Telephone

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for! So what exactly DID I buy during this Thrifting adventure? May I introduce you to THE coolest Goodwill find to date: a vintage Telemania Sleeping Talking Goofy Telephone!

vintage Telemania Sleeping Talking Goofy Telephone

The price said $4.99 but it only rang up to $2! I plan on cleaning this phone up a bit and displaying it in my home office! I mean, really, how cool is this phone??! It came with all the cords so I’m hoping it still works (I haven’t tested it out yet). But even if it doesn’t,, it’s still a pretty awesome display piece!

See you again soon Goodwill!