Christmastime is Here

November 26, 2018

Thanksgiving is officially over which means I no longer feel guilty about posting about Christmas! (Let’s be honest though, I started decorating and getting in Christmas mode the day after Halloween). I don’t know about you but Christmas just makes me SO happy. Not just the day itself, but the spirit of the holiday and everything that goes along with it.

I could literally be in a sour mood and then see a Santa pillow at Target and instantly become happy. It’s weird, but Christmas does that to me. I’m 26 and I still get just as excited about what Santa is going to bring me as I did when I was 6! (Because Santa IS real guys!).

Christmastime is officially here and I’m living!

When is comes to cute (affordable) Christmas decor, Michaels is my go-to place. (Especially since there’s always a sale going on or awesome coupons to use!)

Every year I pick out new wrapping paper to use. It’s one of my favorite holiday traditions! (Don’t get me wrong, I still use the leftover wrapping paper from the year(s) before if there’s any left. And luckily I still had a little bit of last year’s wrapping paper left to use but I always add in new wrapping paper with each new year!).

I picked out the most adorable Disney princess and Star Wars wrapping paper at Michaels this year! (And with my coupon they were only $2.50!).

So. many. cute. wrapping. papers!

This year I picked out seven (?!) new wrapping papers! A green holiday doggy wrapping paper from Target. A purple Disney princess wrapping paper from Michaels. A green Toy Story ornaments wrapping paper from Dollar Tree. A blue sloth (how cute is that) wrapping paper form Target. Blue Star Wars wrapping paper from Michaels. A green Santa riding unicorns wrapping paper from Target. And finally, the most adorable Disney wrapping paper from Target!

I love how this present says To: Angelic (me) From: Loki (my dog!). 

The main reason I got this wrapping paper was because my main man Dale was on it! Sadly, Chip doesn’t make an appearance.

Let the countdown to Christmas begin! (And be prepared for a LOT of holiday themed posts here on the blog).