Come What May | Shopping for Vinyl Records at Barnes & Noble

November 12, 2018

Moulin Rouge Soundtrack Vinyl Record
It’s been SO long since I’ve shared a Vinyl Hunt on the blog and honestly, it’s because I haven’t bought a record in some time. Every time I’ve gone to the thrift store lately, I just haven’t been able to find anything worth buying. (Well, recrod wise anyway). And vinyls have gotta WAY to expensive to buy “new”/from regular stores.

Since I had a 10% off Barens and Noble coupon and a couple of bucks on an old gift card I never used, I thought “hey, why not try vinyl hunting this weekend?”. So that’s exactly what I did! I’m not going to lie, I was super impressed by the vinyl selection at Barnes & Noble! They had way more records than I thought they’d have!

(And I even found the vinyl soundtrack of my FAVORITE movie)!

Shopping for Vinyl Records at Barnes & Noble

Not to shabby Barnes & Noble! (There were three more record displays on the opposite side of these!).

She & Him Christmas Party Vinyl Record at Barnes & Noble

It’s NEVER to early for Christmas music! But seriously, once November 1st hits, it’s Christmas music 24/7 at my house. (And I wouldn’t want it any other way!).

SZA Vinyl Record at Barnes & NobleVinyl Records at Barnes & Noble

Rumours is still one of my favorite records in my vinyl collection!

Dear Evan Hansen Vinyl Record at Barnes & Noble

You guys, my Dear Evan Hansen tickets came in the mail a few weeks ago and I’m SO excited! I’ve been wanting to see this show ever since it opened on Broadway and I can’t believe I’m finally seeing it in February. 

Dear Evan Hansen Merchandise at Barnes & Noble

This isn’t really related to the vinyl hunt but for all the Dear Evan Hansen (or Broadway in general) fans out there, there’s a ton of cool merchandise at Barnes & Noble! 

Speaking of Broadway, Mean Girls is definitely on my broadway bucket list! I’m currently planning a trip to NYC for January and I’m hoping I have time to see a Broadway show (or two!).

While I was browsing through the soundtrack section I saw a little “Music From Baz Luhrmann Film” peeking out three vinyls above Mean Girls. Do you see it? Could it be?!

Moulin Rouge Soundtrack Vinyl Record at Barnes & Noble

It is! The Moulin Rouge soundtrack in vinyl form! I was SO excited when I saw this soundtrack. Moulin Rouge is one of my all-time favorite films and I listen to the soundtrack (on my iPhone) constantly. I was so happy to add this record to my collection.

Shopping for Vinyl Records at Barnes & NobleShopping for Vinyl Records at Barnes & Noble

Who would have thought that Barnes & Noble would have turned out to be a great place for vinyl hunting?! Not me (especially since vinyls are so pricey at places like this). The prices turned out to be not so bad (of course my coupon did help!) and the selection was pretty goodl!