Bits and Pieces: Walt Disney World During Wintertime

March 11, 2019

Disney World Mickey and Minnie 90th birthday outfit Before we get into this post, can we just take a moment to appreciate how adorable Mickey and Minnie look in their 90th birthday outfits? Like can they stop being SO cute? Gosh I love these two. Any who, back to the post! Welcome to Bits and Pieces, a new series here on Simply Sinova.  Bits and Pieces will highlight, well…bits and pieces of my life/different topics. It’s kind of hard to explain (not really) but you’ll get the concept the more Bits and Pieces I post!

First of all, I just want to say that I’m trying SUPER hard to get back into the swing of blogging on a regular schedule. When I first started this blog back in 2013 (Woah, that seems like forever ago), I would try to post at least once a week. Then from around 2014-mid 2018, I would try to post three times a week. But then I just got super busy with work and freelance stuff (and I got super lazy as well).

Hopefully a new series, and a bunch of other cool ideas I have floating around, will help breath some fresh air into this blog! (And help with my writers block/overall laziness).

Here are a few Bits and Pieces of my most recent trip to Walt Disney World:

Disney World Animal Kingdom Lion King Photo Opp

Disney recently added an adorable little Lion King photo opp at Animal Kingdom. I thought it was super cute. I mean it is “animal” kingdom after all!

Disney World Main Street USA Window DisplayDisney World Main Street USA Window Display

I know I talk about this ALL the time but man, no one does window displays quite like Disney! The attention to detail alone just blows my head. Kudos Disney, kudos. I love that Daisy, Mickey and Minnie are dressed in different Disney cast member costumes.

Disney World Haunted Mansion

Any one else love Haunted Mansion? Next to Pirates of the Caribbean (my all-time favorite ride), Haunted Mansion is definitely one of my favorite rides at Magic Kingdom. The overall theme, story and ride history just fill me with such joy. (Ironic since it’s literally a ride about ghosts inhabiting a mansion).

Disney World Mickey and Minnie 90th birthday outfit Disney World Mickey and Minnie 90th birthday outfit

Aren’t these love birds the cutest? I’m not the biggest fan of character interactions/meet and greets (even as a kid I wasn’t the biggest fan of it) but I HAD to meet Mickey and Minnie in their 90th birthday outfits!

Disney World Treasure Planet

When I saw this chalk drawing in Epcot, I legitimately stopped dead in my tracks. How often do you see Treasure Planet represented in the Disney Parks?! Also, if The Goo Goo Dolls isn’t playing in your head right now we can’t be friends.

Disney World Figment

I honestly feel sorry for people who never got to experience Journey into Imagination (aka the original “Figment” ride). I was only six when it closed but I remember it vividly. Journey into Imagination with Figment (aka the current “Figment” ride) is a bit of a joke and I can see why newer Disney fans don’t like/have a connection with Figment. But for me, Figment will always be a Disney Parks icon!

I need this….like ASAP. It screams “me!.”

Disney World Donut Mickey Ears

Donut ears anyone?

I kinda regret not getting the donut purse, but hey, there’s always my next Disney trip. (Insert smirk emoji).

Disney World Candy ApplesDisney World Mickey Cupcakes

Disney treats > everything else! I could really go for a Mickey candy apple right about now….

See you next month (for my birthday!!) Disney World!