What I’m Looking Forward To This Spring (2019)

March 20, 2019

Happy Wednesday and welcome back to another installment of my “What I’m Looking Forward To” series! Happy spring everyone! My favorite season is finally upon us. Since it’s officially spring now, I thought today would be the perfect day to share what I’m looking forward to this spring (because, duh!).

Spring is my absolute FAVORITE season (mostly because it’s my birthday season!). For me, spring means traveling, rainy nights, fresh flowers, birthday wishes, gorgeous weather, spring cleaning, chocolate bunnies and everything in between!

Here are a few of the things I’m looking forward to this spring (March 20 – June 21):

Disney World. I’m heading to Disney World for my birthday next month and I’m super excited (again, because duh!). I love visiting Disney during the spring because I LOVE getting to attend the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival! It’s my favorite Epcot festival (although the Festival of the Arts is pretty darn close). This will be the third birthday I’ve spent at Disney! (I spent my 10th birthday at Disney World, my 24th birthday at Disneyland Paris and now my 27th back home at WDW!).

My Birthday. Speaking of my birthday…it’s definitely one of the things I’m most excited for this spring. You know how at Disneyland/Disney World they give you a button for your birthday? Well, at Disneyland Paris they give you a birthday sticker and then they bring out a telephone. The telephone starts to ring and they tell you to pick it up. When you answer the phone the man, the myth, the legend himself Mickey Mouse is on the other line. Mickey then proceeds to wish you a Happy Birthday! It’s really cute.

Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (aka C2E2!). C2E2 is a Chicago fan convention dedicated to comics, pop culture, graphic novels, anime, manga, video games, toys, movies, and television. So essentially, it’s similar to other “comic cons” but it’s more pop culture and entertainment based. This will be my FOURTH time attending/covering C2E2. I’m super excited because Paul Rudd is going to be there (it’s his first ever con!) and I LOVE him!

Broadway. There are a ton of awesome Broadway shows coming to Chicago this spring like: Anastasia, Jersey Boys, Cruel Intentions: The 90s Musical, Rock of Ages, Rent, Chicago and Falsettos! I can’t wait to see them ALL.

Here are a few other things that I’m looking forward to this spring:

  • Celebrating my mom’s birthday (in May).
  • Easter (which I’ll be spending at Disney World!).
  • Traveling.
  • Nice spring weather!
  • Flowers.
  • Seeing movies!

 What are some of the things you’re looking forward to this spring?
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