After Dinner Playtime…With a Twist

June 17, 2019

This post is sponsored by JW Twist-In Treats but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.JW Twist-In TreatsCan you believe that summer officially begins THIS WEEK?! I don’t know why but for some reason it still feels like spring to me. Well..okay, technically it IS still spring. What I meant was it still feels like late April/early May to me. Crazy to think that we’re already almost halfway done with June. And that we’re halfway done with 2019?! 

Regardless of whether or not it’s spring or summer, the weather here in Chicago has been AMAZING lately. Every day the weather has been in the high 60’s, 70’s and sometimes 80’s! Perfect weather if I do say so myself. Not only have I been enjoying this gorgeous weather, Loki has too!

Loki loves being able to get some good ole fresh air after dinnertime.

It’s his favorite way to relax on these warm spring (almost summer) nights. The sun has set for the most part, there’s a nice breeze and his favorite new toy is ready to be played with!

JW Twist-In Treats

Loki loves his new Twist-In Treat Toy. And I love that JW® Twist-In Treats are designed to make treat time last longer. Which means I have more time to catch up on all my favorite shows while Loki is being entertained! 

JW Twist-In TreatsJW Twist-In TreatsJW Twist-In Treats

The Twist-In Treats KPUP is designed to have treats twisted in the top so your dog can work them out. (Cool concept, right?). It is easy to grip but its shape challenges your dog by being difficult to chew. (And trust me, if there’s one thing that Loki loves, it’s a challenge! His name is Loki after all).

JW Twist-In TreatsJW Twist-In TreatsJW Twist-In TreatsJW Twist-In Treats

Simply snap the treat in and watch your dog enjoy working the treat out. Loki could spend forever trying to get that treat out! 

JW Twist-In TreatsJW Twist-In TreatsJW Twist-In Treats

The JW® Twist-In Treats Refills are made specifically for the JW Twist-In Treats KPUP. You can choose from two flavors: Chicken or Bacon. (Which just so happens to be two of Loki’s favorite flavors!). Twist-In Treats are made with natural flavors and are proudly made in the USA using only the highest quality ingredients. 

JW Twist-In TreatsJW Twist-In TreatsJW Twist-In Treats

If you want to #MakeTreatTimeLonger for your pup/dog, check out JW Twist-In Treats HERE!