48 hours in Philadelphia: What to Do, Eat and See in Philly

July 1, 2019

I heart Philadelphia sign Love ParkHappy Monday everyone! Also, happy July. Quick question: What day do you guys consider to be the “start” of the week? Because I’ve always thought Sunday was the first day of the week. But I know a lot of people consider Monday to be the start of the week. I guess it’s because Monday is the start of most people’s work/school week? Sunday is the start of my work week though. I’ve always been confused on that.

I just Googled it and even Google doesn’t have a definitive answer. Weird. Anyway, as promised, today I’m going to be sharing a recap of my recent trip to Philadelphia. Since I love putting together little travel guides (like this one for St. Louis), I thought it would be fun to share a few of my Philly “must do’s.” Normally when I visit Philadelphia, it’s usually only for a day or two. But from experience, there’s a ton of fun things you can do and explore in Philly in a short amount of time!

Heading to Philly? Here’s what to see, do and eat in Philadelphia

Love Park Philadelphia John F. Kennedy Plaza

Visit Love Park

Love Park, aka John F. Kennedy Plaza, is an adorable little plaza located in Center City, Philadelphia. Although it has “park” in the title don’t be fooled, it’s not a park at all. BUT, it’s much better than a park! Love Park hosts a ton of free events throughout the year. There’s also a bunch of food trucks parked there and it’s a great place to relax, get some fresh air and people watch.

Philadelphia’s Magic GardensPhiladelphia’s Magic GardensPhiladelphia’s Magic Gardens

Marvel over Magic Gardens

Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens is a folk art environment and gallery space. To date, it’s the largest work created by mosaic artist Isaiah Zagar. It’s absolutely breathtaking and definitely a must visit! For more on Magic Gardens, be sure to check out my full recap (from my trip back in 2015) HERE.

Penn's Landing Philadelphia Chicago Hot Dog

Relax at Penn’s Landing

Penn’s Landing is a really cool waterfront area in Philadelphia located along the Delaware River. Penn’s Landing has carnival style rides and games, a skating rink, a ton of food trucks, cool hammocks you can lounge in and there’s even a museum there!

And yes, that’s a Chicago style hot dog I got while at Penn’s Landing. Even when I’m traveling I have to represent my hometown!

The Franklin Institute Marvel Exhibition

Get Your Bill Nye on at The Franklin Institute

As most of you know, I’m a HUGE museum lover. Art, history, cultural, science, it doesn’t matter. Give me ALL the museums! Speaking of science museums, The Franklin Institute is pretty nice. They even had an awesome Marvel exhibition going on when I visited (which I’ll share more about in a separate post!).

White Dog Cafe University City, PhiladelphiaWhite Dog Cafe University City, Philadelphia

Skip the Chain Restaurants

I’ll never understand people who travel to new places but settle on eating at the same old restaurants they do when they’re home. Me? I like to explore new restaurants! While in Philadelphia I dined at the most ADORABLE restaurant: White Dog Cafe. I had seen this restaurant on Food Network forever ago and had been dying to try it. Check out my full White Dog Cafe review HERE!

Wizard World Comic Con PhiladelphiaWizard World Comic Con Philadelphia

Partake in Seasonal/Special Events

Whenever I’m traveling I always like to see what special events are taking place during the duration of my stay. Is there some sort of seasonal festival going on? Maybe a music festival or film festival? Are there any cultural celebrations going on that I don’t want to miss? Wizard World Comic Con Philadelphia was going on while I was in Philly so I decided to stop by for a hot minute. How cool is that Thanos cosplay?

Geno's Steaks PhiladelphiaPat's King of Steaks

Eat at Cheesecake (or two)

When you think of Philly Cheesesteaks, two words usually come to mind: Geno’s and Pat’s. (I guess that’s three words but you get what I mean). BUT, I’m here to tell you that there’s another Cheesesteak king in town!

Jim's Steaks South Street, Philadelphia

The Philly cheesesteak I had from Jim’s Steaks on South Street was honestly the BEST cheesesteak I’ve ever tasted! The texture of the meat was perfect, the cheese was everything, it was cooked to perfection and the bread didn’t get all soggy! BLESS!

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Channel Your inner Ferris Bueller at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Okay, technically Ferris Bueller visited the Art Institute of Chicago (aka my favorite museum in the whole world) BUT, you catch my drift. And even though I didn’t get a chance to visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art during my most recent trip to Philly, I can never NOT recommend exploring a city’s art museum. 

Philadelphia Museum of Art Rocky Steps

Run Up the Rocky Steps

Of course no trip to Philly (or the Philadelphia Museum of Art) is complete without running up the infamous Rocky steps!

Until next time Philly.

Have you ever been to Philadelphia? What are some of your Philly Must Do’s?