Behind The Scenes of Blogging: What to Expect on Simply Sinova

July 24, 2019

Chicago Shake Shack Burgers Happy Wednesday! Long time no see…sorry, it’s been crazy at work this past week and a half! Instead of a “regular” post today, I thought it would be fun to share a little bit on the “Behind the Scenes” of blogging. (But then again, isn’t every blog post, a regular blog post….moving on). Or at least how I run my blog. So here’s the rundown: Each week I try to lay out a schedule of which posts I want to publish. Then, I set time aside to first edit the photos for the post.

I don’t know why, but I HAVE to have the photos edited and ready to go before I can even start drafting the post itself. Next, I jot down the main points I want discuss within the post. Then I write the post, edit it and revise any errors. The last thing I do before publishing is come up with the title for the post. Boom… simple as that, right?


There’s way more to blogging then just writing blog posts. A huge part of blogging is marketing. You always have to factor in time to “share” your posts. I’m not going to lie, I’ve been slacking when it comes to that. I can’t even remember the last time I shared a blog post to Twitter or Facebook.

I’ve been focusing so much on Pinterest lately because it brings a TON of traffic to my blog! But I do admit, I definitely need to get back into the habit of using Twitter and Facebook more.

For me, the longest part of the whole blogging process is editing the photos. Once the photos are done, I can write a post in 30 minutes tops. But editing photos…I have a love/hate relationship with that process. It just takes so long.

Here are a few posts I’m currently working on (and that you should expect to see as soon as I finish editing all the photos):

  • A recap of the Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes Exhibit at The Franklin Institute
  • What to See, Eat and Do in Toronto, Canada (I’m SO late on sharing more from my trip to Canada)
  • Is the Toronto City Pass Worth It?
  • Tips on Visiting Niagara Falls (like I said.. I have lots of Canada related posts to still share)
  • Disney Dinning Review: Brunch at Palo on The Disney Dream
  • Disney Dinning Review: 50’s Prime Time Café
  • Disney Dinning Review: Teppan Edo (as you can see, I have a lot of Disney Dinning Reviews as well!)

I’m working on a ton of other posts right now too but these are the “big” ones/the ones that I need to edit the photos for! Darn photo editing process…I loathe you.