Blind Box & Bag Roundup: Digimon Blind Bag Figural Keyrings

July 29, 2019

Digimon Blind Bag Figural KeyringsWhat’s this? What’s this? (If you didn’t read that in Jack Skellington’s voice you’re a LIAR). A new Blind Box & Bag Roundup?! Why yes, yes it is. Speaking of Jack Skellington, and yes I know this is off topic, can it be fall now? I’m so OVER summer (aka my least favorite season). I want pumpkins and witches and ghosts and Halloween. And then CHRISTMAS. I LOVE YOU CHRISTMAS! I miss you so much. 

Back to reality. Since I had some Box Lunch cash lying around about to expire, I decided to order some blind bags. To be honest, I haven’t really been into blind bags/blind boxes as much as I was back in 2013-2017 but I LOVE Digimon! (And I rarely see Digimon merch). So I decided to pick up two Digimon Blind Bag Figural Keyrings a few weeks ago.

Let’s see which Digimon Blind Bag Figural Keyrings I got:

Digimon Blind Bag Figural Keyrings

Fun Fact: Digimon was one of my favorite shows growing up. No really, my sister and I had an unhealthy OBSESSION. Digimon aired in the pre-DVR/streaming days so we HAD to watch it live! My sister and I would wake up extra early on Saturday’s just so we wouldn’t miss it! (Because they NEVER showed reruns!).

I might get some gasps for this statement but.. I preferred Digimon over Pokemon as a kid. There, I said it. (But only the first two seasons/series of Digimon that aired from 99-2000. I DON’T claim that Digimon Tamers BS!).

Digimon Blind Bag Figural KeyringsDigimon Blind Bag Figural KeyringsDigimon Blind Bag Figural Keyrings

So many options with these Digimon Blind Bag Figural Keyrings! I definitely wanted a Digivice for sure. (So I could pretend I’m a DigiDestined…). Honestly, I LOVED all the original Digimon, so I didn’t care which one I got. Although my absolute favorites were Patamon and Gatomon! (Maybe that’s because I was T.K. and Kari’s age when I watched the show).

Digimon Blind Bag Figural Keyrings

Guess I got my wish… twice! I got two Digivices. BUT, on the bright side, I can give one to my sister and we can be DigiDestined together. (Just like the good ole days!).