Michaels Planner Haul: Sticker and Washi Tape 50% off Sale

July 10, 2019

Michaels Planner HaulI’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this on the blog before but if not, I’m a HUGE “Planner Girl.” Basically, I’m one of those people who loves using a planner to stay organized. Look, I get that there’s technology know that lets us keep notes in our phones, and Google Calendar and all that jazz. But I’m a pencil and paper kind of gal.

Not only do I love jotting down my daily schedule and all that, I also LOVE decorating my planner. I know bullet journaling is super “in” right now. But, I’ve been “planning” for about four years now and I just love it. (Sorry bullet journaling!). I just love decorating my weekly spreads with colorful washi tape and a TON of stickers.

I really want to start sharing more about my planner/planning here on the blog. So, I’ve decided to make this a new regular series on Simply Sinova! Woot woot!

I get the majority of my planner supplies from Michaels.

And NO, this isn’t sponsored by Michaels. (But hey Michael’s, if you want to sponsor me…what’s up?).

Michaels Planner Haul

My go-to planner for the past three years has been the Happy Planner. It’s affordable, cute, customize-able and I LOVE that the pages can be taken out of the planner without ripping them. (It makes decorating so much easier!).

Michaels Planner Haul

Like I said earlier, Michaels is one of my go-to stores for all my planner decorating needs! A) It’s RIGHT by my house. And B) There’s ALWAYS a sale going on or coupon to be used!  

Michaels Planner Haul

The other day Michaels was having an amazing sale on stickers, planner products/accessories and washi tape. Plus I had a 50% off coupon!

Michaels Planner Haul

How can you pass up a sticker pack labeled “cute stuff”?. Answer: You don’t! This adorable sticker set (which comes with 960 stickers) was $10. BUT, with my 50% off coupon, I only paid $5. (Score!).

Michaels Planner HaulMichaels Planner Haul

That’s just a taste of some of the adorable stickers from the “Cute Stuff” sticker book.

Michaels Planner Haul

Michaels also had a ton of sticker sheets on sale for $1. I got an adorable Panda sticker sheet, a cat set, a cactus set and two dog sticker sheets!

Michaels Planner Haul

Of course no Planner Haul is complete without washi tape. Usually, the large washi tape tub sets at Michaels are $15. BUT, they were all on sale for $5. (Another score!).

Michaels Planner Haul

So many fun summer themed washi tapes!

Michaels Planner Haul

This is last week’s (July 1-7) planner spread! (Sorry for all the white lines. I had to cover up some personal stuff…insert sweating face emoji).

I can’t wait to share more Planner posts with you all. I JUST ordered a ton a cute kawaii stickers from Etsy last night so stay tuned for that haul! I’m also planning on sharing my complete washi tape (I think I have around 75+) and sticker collections. Can you tell how much I love planning/staying organizing??!

See you on the next Planner post!