Weekly Planner Spreads by Month: July 2019

July 30, 2019

Happy Planner Happy Tuesday everyone. I know what you’re thinking: “Back to back posts?!” Yup! I’m really trying to be on top of my blogging. (Especially since things have calmed down at work). So I’m back with another post today. And I have another post planned for tomorrow. (I’m on a roll! Who read that in Ashley O’s voice?!). As most of you already know, I LOVE launching new series here on the blog. So…

Introducing: Weekly Planner Spreads by Month! In this new monthly series, I’m going to be sharing my weekly planner spreads with you guys. Just a warning, I have whitened out the “personal” information. These posts are mainly to share how I decorative the planner (i.e. the washi tapes/stickers I use each week).

Here’s my weekly planner spreads for July:

Happy Planner Weekly Planner Spreads

Week One (July 1-7)

Not only was the week of July 1-7 the first week of my July weekly spreads, but it was also the first weekly spread in my planner! My Planner is an 18 month planner that starts in July. So this spread was setting the bar for all the weekly spreads that will follow. As you can see, I like to go crazy with the stickers.

Each sticker represents something that happened that day (or sometimes they’re totally random). For example, that grey dog sticker under Friday, July 5 represented Loki’s vet visit! The Mike and Sulley stickers off to the side represent the fact that I bought my Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party tickets!

Happy Planner Weekly Planner Spreads

Week Two (July 8-14)

I went to the Taste of Chicago during the week of July 8-14. (Hence all the food stickers under Friday, July 12). Hey, I just noticed I used that kissy face cactus sticker two weeks in a row. For those wondering (which is probably no one), that sticker is apart of a Disney Summer themed sticker pack I got at Target last summer! Looking back at this weeks spread, I’m not a huge fan of the watermelon washi tape. You win some, you lose some…

Happy Planner Weekly Planner Spreads

Week Three (July 15-21)

Just going off the stickers, can you take a wild guess at which Broadway show I saw Tuesday, July 16? CATS! Speaking of Cats, can we take a second to take about the trailer for the live-action Cats. What. Was. THAT?! I know some musicals can be a hit or miss, but for me, a lot of Broadway to film adaptations are misses. Like Into the Woods…I HATED that film but love the musical. (Major Throwback: You can check out my Into The Woods film review HERE). I also dislike the Mamma Mia films.

Don’t get me wrong, some musicals do AMAZING on the big screen. Chicago, Rent, Funny Girl, Hairspray.. to name a few. Then there are the movies that are turned into Broadway musicals like Lion King (or any Disney Broadway musical) and Once. I can’t wait to see Moulin Rouge (aka one of my FAVORITE films) on Broadway. I plan on seeing it in NYC this fall! Here’s hoping Cats is okay! (Because I adore the Broadway musical).

Happy Planner Weekly Planner Spreads

Week Four (July 22-28)

Even though July ends on the 31st, July 22-28 is my last weekly spread for this month. How freaking adorable is that avocado sticker under Monday, July 22?! It’s from my ‘Cute Stuff’ sticker book!. The little ice cream cone sticker is from that sticker book as well.

I’m SO happy to be finally sharing my love of planning with you all! I’ve been “planning” for about four years now, so I don’t know why I waited this long to start this series. Better late than never! See you in August for more weekly planner spreads!