Bath & Body Works Buy Two Get Two Free Candle Sale Haul

September 9, 2019

Bath & Body Works Pumpkin Cupcake
Happy Monday everyone! I’m not going to lie, the past few days at work have been a little hectic. And by work I mean both my regular 9-5 job and the blog. I feel like I’ve been go, go, go for the past week and a half. I barely have anytime to relax after my 9-5 because I’m busy with the blog. However, as much as it can get exhausting at times, I want to stress that it’s SO worth it!

But, the stress can and does get to me sometimes. And you know what helps me deal with stress?! Candles of course!

Bath & Body Works is my go-to store for candles so when I found out they were having a candle sale over the weekend, I knew I had to check it out.

Bath & Body Works Candle SaleBath & Body Works Candle SaleBath & Body Works Candle Sale

Bath & Body Works had an awesome candle sale this weekend: buy two candles, get two free. They were also running a $10 off your order promotion as well. So you know, double discounts!

Bath & Body Works Candle Sale

Can it be fall already?!

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Bath & Body Works Flannel Candle

Bath & Body Works Fall Candles

Pumpkin Pecan Waffles candles? PB&J candles? Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin candles? Just give me all the candles. Kidding, those candle scents were not my cup of tea at all. But 10/10 for creativity I guess.

Bath & Body Works Vampire Blood Bath & Body Works Vampire Blood

Fun fact: Vampire Blood is my favorite fall candle scent! Vampire Blood also comes in hand sanitizer and hand soap but for some reason, the scent isn’t as strong as it is in candle form.

Bath & Body Works Candle Sale

Even though there were a ton of fall/halloween scented candles…

Bath & Body Works Candle Sale

I still had to stock up on some of my year round classic candle scents as well!

Bath & Body Works Candle SaleBath & Body Works Candle Sale

I ended getting two Vampire Blood candles (because duh!), a champagne toast candle (one of my go-to favs) and a marshmallow pumpkin latte candle!

Bath & Body Works Pillow Mist

I also had a coupon for a free gift under $13.50 so I picked up this Love (Rose + Vanilla) pillow mist.