Christmas Traditions: Picking Out Christmas Wrapping Paper (2019)

November 22, 2019

Cute Christmas Wrapping Paper
Yes it’s November and yes I’m already done Christmas shopping. Well, 95% done. I’m picking up one or two more things on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Needless to say, Christmastime is among us. (At least for me it is and has been since November 1st).

It’s no secret I LOVE Christmas (and every holiday). And I have so many fun Christmasy things to do this weekend. Today, after I see Frozen II of course, I’m going to a Christmas themed pop up bar here in Chicago. And tomorrow is the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival! I LOVE the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival. Attending the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival is one of my favorite holiday traditions. Speaking of holiday traditions, it’s that time of year again:

Time to share my new wrapping paper haul!

Cute Disney Christmas Wrapping Paper

Some of you may remember my 2017 Christmas wrapping paper haul HERE. For some weird reason, I guess I didn’t share my 2018 wrapping papers. (Odd…). So, today I’m back to share this year’s wrapping papers.

From left to right: Lion King wrapping paper from Dollar Tree. Avocado wrapping paper from Target. Dachshund wrapping paper from TJ Maxx. Frozen II wrapping paper from Five Below. Star Wars wrapping paper from Five Below. (Another) Lion King wrapping paper from Five Below. Toy Story 3 wrapping paper from Dollar Tree. Minnie Mouse Wrapping paper from Dollar Tree. Princess Jasmine wrapping paper from Dollar Tree. (Another) Frozen II wrapping from Dollar Tree. Pink Christmas wrapping paper from Target. And finally, Christmas Pez wrapping paper form Target!

That was a mouth full.

Frozen 2 Christmas Wrapping Paper

It’s funny because I bought all these wrapping papers at different times throughout early November. Then randomly I noticed I got two different red Lion King wrapping papers and two purple Frozen II wrapping papers.

Cute Dachsund Wrapping Paper

Dachshund wrapping paper?! Yes please! 

Star Wars Wrapping Paper

I love how this Star Wars wrapping paper has both the light side and dark side. Speaking of Star Wars, have you guys heard the good news? “Baby Yoda” (aka the Yoda-like creature from The Mandalorian) merch is coming BEFORE the holidays. (Looks like I’ll have to update my Christmas wish list *wink wink*!).