New Christmas Tradition: Opening Disney Sock Advent Calendars

November 25, 2019

New Christmas Tradition: Opening Disney Sock Advent Calendars
Christmas time is my absolute FAVORITE time of year. (I mean, I’m sure that’s obvious by now). Each year I love picking out a new advent calendar to help me countdown to Christmas. For the past few years I’ve been doing LEGO themed advent calendars. This year LEGO released a super cute Star Wars and Harry Potter advent calendar.

While I love those two franchises, I wanted to do something a little different this year. I always see sock advent calendars but I never thought to get one. But this year that changed! Side note: is it just me or does anyone else’s socks just magically disappear throughout the year? I swear I start the year off with x amount of socks and by the holidays I’m left with four or five pairs.

Where do the socks go?!

Here’s my Disney sock advent calendars for 2019:Disney Princess Sock Advent Calendar from Target

Since the advent calendars are for “15 days”, I decided to get two. So that means 30 days of socks! And 30 days of counting down until Christmas. The first Disney sock advent calendar I picked up was a Disney Princess themed one.

Disney Princess Sock Advent Calendar from Target

If the box is this gorgeous, I can’t wait to see the socks inside!

Lilo & Stitch sock advent calendar

Of course I had to pick up the Lilo & Stitch sock advent calendar as well. (My mom’s name is Lilo after all).

Lilo & Stitch sock advent calendar

So many iconic quotes! 

Disney Frozen 2 Sock Advent Calendar from Target

I also picked up a Frozen 2 Sock Advent Calendar. No spoilers but I LOVED Frozen 2! This advent calendar isn’t for counting down until Christmas, we are actually going to be putting these surprise crackers in our stockings to open on Christmas morning.

Petco Advent Calendar for dogs

Of course I couldn’t leave Loki out of the holiday fun! How awesome is this advent calendar for dogs that I found at Petco? Although this will be Loki’s fifth Christmas, it will be his first time opening his own advent calendar.

Let the Christmas countdown begin! (No, really. Today I’ll be opening the first of my 30 socks!).