Monday’s Music 30 // Modern Broadway Playlist

January 20, 2020

Modern broadway playlist
Happy Monday! I can’t believe it’s been over TWO YEARS since my last Monday’s Music playlist. (Insert Homer disappearing gif). Awkward. Well, what better time to revive this series than in a new decade? Originally I planed on sharing a general Broadway playlist but it got to difficult trying to narrow down songs. So I came up with a different plan.

Today’s playlist is a Modern Broadway Playlist. Modern Broadway meaning shows that came out between 2010-2019. The rules were, I could choose ONE song per year (for example one song from a show that premiered in 2013, one song from a show that premiered in 2014). Another rule was that I could only pick songs from shows I’ve actually seen. There’s so many amazing Broadway shows/songs out there so you can expect more Broadway themed playlists in the future!

Here’s my Modern Broadway playlist:

  • 2010: “One Normal Night” from The Adams Family.

  • 2011: “Hasa Diga Eebowai” from The Book of Mormon. As most of you may know, The Book of Mormon is one of my favorite Broadway musicals. I’ve seen it five times and honestly, I think it’s perfect. It’s so hilarious. It’s definitely a must see. While ALL of the songs are great, Hasa Diga Eebowai is so Trey Parker and Matt Stone it hurts!

  • 2012: “The World Will Know” from Newsies.

  • 2013: “Impossible / It’s Possible” from Cinderella. Fun Fact: I am not a huge fan of Disney’s Cinderella but I love Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella.

  • 2014: “Believe” from Finding Neverland. Finding Neverland is one of the first Broadway shows where I got to see the OBC (Original Broadway cast).

  • 2015: “Non-Stop” from Hamilton. Along with The Book of Mormon, Hamilton is one of my favorite Broadway musicals. I’ve seen it four times and I’m itching to see it again. Non-Stop is my favorite song from Hamilton but honestly every song in this show is perfection.

  • 2016: “Out of Your Head” from A Bronx Tale.

  • 2017: “Revenge Party” from Mean Girls. I love that Karen had a bigger role in Mean Girls. Her character was so funny!

  • 2018: “Believe” from The Cher Show.

  • 2019: “Say My Name” from Beetlejuice. Okay, so I know one of the rules was I could only pick songs from shows I’ve seen. And technically, I’m not seeing Beetlejuice until this weekend BUT I’ve listened to the soundtrack so much I feel like I’ve already seen it.

What are some of your favorite Modern Broadway songs?
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