Celebrating Loki’s Birthday + A Little Life Update

February 19, 2020

Disney Pets Disney Happy Birthday Mickey Ears
Happy Wednesday pals! Long time no see. Let me explain. Originally, my plan was to resume uploading as soon as I got home from Disney last week but as you all know, things don’t always work out according to plan. Last weekend, out of nowhere, my laptop just died/stopped working. (Insert sad face emoji).

Let me backtrack a bit. I currently have three computers. A 2010 Macbook Pro (that I got when I started college), a 2015 Macbook Air (that I bought after graduating college) and an iMac. I haven’t used my 2010/college Macbook Pro since buying the Macbook Air in 2015. So essentially, that computer was just sitting in my room untouched for five years. And although I use do use my iMac sometimes, my main computer has been my Macbook Air.

So I was super bummed when it just stopped working. 

What’s weird is my computer was working up until Saturday night and then I went to open my laptop on Sunday and boom…nothing. It might have to do with the fact that I sleep with my computer in my bed and when I wake up my computer is on the floor. (So I’ve been pushing my computer onto the hard floor in my sleep). So it’s partly my fault if the computer is completely broken. (It still hasn’t turned on in 4 days).

I was going to run out and just buy a brand new Macbook Air (especially since I was thinking of buying a new on anyway in the next year or so). But, I powered on my old 2010 MacBook Pro (the one that’s been sitting in my room collecting dust) and it works perfectly. It runs a little slow but it will do for now. (And plus I still have my iMac).

Also, while I was dealing with a broken computer, my blog hosting was up for renewal and I forgot to auto-renew (again). So my blog was down for 2 days. 

But I’m back now!

And I wanted to share with you guys how we celebrated Loki’s birthday last week! On Friday, 2/14, Loki turned five years old, Yup, he’s a Valentine’s Day dog. My little angel!

Chicago Wolf's Bakery Buttercream cake

We got a chocolate buttercream cake to celebrate. (Of course Loki didn’t eat any of this. It was purely for the humans celebrating!).

Dog treats from Target

We got Loki some yummy dog treats from Target. We got him a Bear cookie, a heart cookie that said “bff” and a pack of heart shaped peanut butter treats. We also got him a rope toy to play with.

Disney Pets Disney Happy Birthday Mickey Ears

Just look at that handsome five year old!

Here’s a new outtakes from his birthday photoshoot. (Which I took Friday morning at like 6 am so that’s why the lighting is so bad).

Disney Pets Disney Happy Birthday Mickey EarsDisney Pets Disney Happy Birthday Mickey EarsDisney Pets Disney Happy Birthday Mickey Ears

That hat did not want to stay on!

I’m so happy to be back blogging! Stay tuned cause I have a ton of fun Broadway and Disney themed posts coming soon!!!