Michaels Planner Haul (The Happy Planner)

February 3, 2020

Michaels Planner Haul
Happy Monday! Also, Happy February and Happy Black History Month. You guys, I’m heading to Florida later this week. HOORAY. I’m so excited to be heading back home to Disney World.

If you’re wondering where my Weekly Planner Spreads from January are don’t worry, those are coming later this week. (Wednesday most likely!). Speaking of planners, since I had a 20% off your entire purchase including sale items coupon, I decided to pick up a few planner related things from Michaels last weekend. And I wanted to share my little planner haul with you guys today.

Here’s what I got from Michaels:

Michaels Happy Planner Haul

If you guys have been following my other Planner posts, you might already know that the planner that I use is The Happy Planner. I love that Michaels carries so many awesome accessories specifically for The Happy Planner in their stores. I ended up picking up this cool insert where you list your weekly goals.

Michaels Happy Planner Haul Michaels Happy Planner Haul Michaels Happy Planner Haul

I also picked up two sticker books from The Happy Planner collection. The first sticker book contains “Essential Planning” stickers. This book has stickers related to grocery shopping, budgeting, daily tasks and other stuff like that.

Michaels Happy Planner Haul Michaels Happy Planner Haul Michaels Happy Planner Haul

The second Happy Planner sticker book was “Pets” related. I’ll be using these stickers to track Loki’s vet and grooming appointments and things of that nature.

Cosmic Washi Tape

No trip to Michaels is complete without picking up some washi tape! How adorable is this washi tape set?!

Cosmic Washi Tape

The phases of the moon and jewels washi tapes are definitely my favorite from the set!

Lisa Frank Coloring BookLisa Frank Coloring Book

This isn’t really planner related but since I bought it during the same Michaels run, I thought I would include it. I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned this on the blog or not but I have extreme social anxiety and just anxiety in general. 2017 was probably the worst year for my anxiety and it got to the point were I was having panic attacks on a daily basis.

However, I have learned lots of ways to help manage my anxiety and one of the things that really helps me is coloring. (Planning/decorating my planner is also a huge help!). The other day I had my first panic attack in almost two years. I won’t go to much into details but it was really bad. So I decided to pick up some new coloring books. 

I know a lot of people like “adult” coloring books but me? I prefer the old fashioned kid ones. And how can you say no to Lisa Frank and Disney themed coloring books?!