Give Me ALL The Baby Yoda Merchandise

March 11, 2020

Disney Parks Baby Yoda Merchandise Long time no see friends! I’m not here to give any excuses as to why I haven’t posted in almost two weeks. I’m just here to talk about my love for Baby Yoda aka The Child from The Mandalorian. Did I say my love? I meant to say my obsession. No really, my obsession for Baby Yoda runs deep deep.  

In fact, I have requested (more like demanded) that my family gets me a Baby Yoda themed cake for my birthday next month (April 17). I don’t know how or from where they are going to get a Baby Yoda cake but all I know is on April 17th I expect to see Baby Yoda in cake form! 


I know I can’t be the only person who instantly smiles whenever they see that adorable little 50 year old green baby. So today, I’ve decided to dedicate this post to all my fellow Baby Yoda fanatics. Here’s a little roundup of some of my favorite Baby Yoda themed things/merchandise: 

(Not gonna lie, this doubles as my birthday wish list…oop!).

The Child Phone Case Baby Yoda Phone Case

How adorable is this Baby Yoda phone case?! I got this case from Disney World a while back but it’s also available online at shopDisney.

The Child Spirit Jersey

I also got this The Child themed Spirit Jersey from Disney World. (The green color is so vibrant and pretty in person). When I wore this to work everyone kept stopping me and saying how cute the shirt was (and how much they love Baby Yoda).

Disney Parks The Child hat

I also picked up this cute hat from Disney World. I can’t wait to rock this hat during late spring/summer!

But now onto the Baby Yoda Merchandise I don’t have (but NEED):

Baby Yoda Sticker Pack

Are you serious?! A 50 pack of Baby Yoda stickers from Amazon! (And it’s only $8!). Okay, I NEED these for my planner!

Baby Yoda Merchandise Baby Yoda Pin

The CUTEST Baby Yoda pin there ever was! This is currently number one on my birthday wish list. (Hint, hint family and friends!). 

Baby Yoda Merchandise Baby Yoda Puzzle

Anyone else find putting together puzzles to be extremely relaxing? It’s definitely one of my favorite ways to destress.

Baby Yoda Merchandise Baby Yoda Keychain Boxlunch

BoxLunch coming through with this adorable keychain! I NEED these for my keys. (Or to just hang up/display at my desk at work).

Baby Yoda Office Decor Baby Yoda Office Decor

Speaking of my desk at work… how do you like my Baby Yoda shrine? 

Baby Yoda Merchandise Baby Yoda Speaker

I don’t know what I’d even use this speaker for but it’s Baby Yoda so I clearly need it, right?

Baby Yoda Build-a-Bear

I’m telling you, as soon as this Baby Yoda Build-a-Bear is released I’m camping out at my local Build-a-Bear. Of all the Baby Yoda plush that’s been teased so far, this one is clearly the cutest (at least in my opinion). It says it’s coming out in “spring” but I hope it’s released before my birthday (April 17).

Baby Yoda Loungefly Purse

Loungefly you clearly are the merch winners, so congrats! How cute is that bag?! I NEED it.

Baby Yoda plush backpack

This plush backpack is super cute too though. But do I really need TWO Baby Yoda bags? Yes, yes I do.

This mug! I’ll take two please

Which Baby Yoda Merchandise is your favorite?