Collecting McDonald’s Pokemon 25th Anniversary Happy Meal Cards

March 12, 2021

McDonalds Pokemon 25th Anniversary Happy Meal
Hey everyone. I bet you thought I was going to forget to post this week? Nope, I meant it when I said I was going to (try to) post at least once a week. Sure last week I posted on a Monday but *technically I didn’t say which day I would be posting on. Hehehehehe. So I’ve kept my word so far, yay!

I don’t know about kids today but us 90s kids had the BEST McDonald’s Happy Meal toys! Anyone remember the Disney VHS Happy Meal toys? How about the Space Jam plushies (I still have my Bugs and Lola ones to this day)? Oh my gosh, what about the BEANIE BABIES?! Yup, the Happy Meal toys used to be everything. Honestly the toys were better than the Happy Meal/the food.

I haven’t even thought about Happy Meal toys in like 15+ years but when I heard they were bringing back Pokemon cards, I knew I had to jump on that nostalgia train!

How could I not?!

McDonalds Pokemon Happy Meal
I can’t believe it’s the 25th anniversary of Pokemon?! I VIVIDLY remember going to see Pokémon: The First Movie in theaters back in 1998. And even though I was only 6 at time, I remember it like it was yesterday. My family went to Pizza Hut for dinner before the movie (remember dinning INSIDE Pizza Huts?!). I remember crying at the one scene were the Pikachu’s were fighting each other. It wasn’t an Oscar worthy movie or anything but it was so good at the time!

Fun Fact: I definitely used to collect Pokemon cards as a kid. (I collected Digimon cards too!). Sadly I don’t have any of my original Pokemon cards (I think they were lost or thrown out when we moved into our house when I was ten). The only Pokemon card that I have (besides the new ones from McDonald’s) is the one that came with my Eevee Build-a-Bear.

I’m not sure exactly when the Happy Meal Pokemon cards came out (I think February?), but so far I’ve gotten three packs of cards. (And from those packs I’ve only gotten ONE double, so yay!). To be honest I wish I could just buy the cards and not the Happy Meal because I don’t eat the Happy Meal food (I’ll get the fries but that’s it). But whatever. 

McDonald's Happy Meal Pokemon Cards
My favorite card that I’ve gotten so far is Charmander because he was always my starter Pokemon back in the day. Another fun fact: I ALWAYS choose the fire Pokemon as my starters. 

I’m probably going to buy one more Happy Meal before this Pokemon promotion ends because I really want a Pikachu card.

Any 90s kids/OG (or new) Pokemon fans out there? Have you picked up any of these new Happy Meal cards?