Sorry I’ve been MIA

September 7, 2021

Disney Halloween Decor from Lowe's
Long time no see! I feel like I’m constantly saying that here on the blog. I promise I want to be more active with blogging but life keeps getting in the way I guess. What’s crazy is I have so many blog posts ideas (and a few drafts) but I just can’t seem to find the time to edit/post. It’s like I’ll start editing photos or writing out a post and then BOOM! something comes up and I have push back the post.

I have three posts I’ve been meaning to publish for almost two months now (one of which is almost done but it still needs to be edited a bit) but one thing after another keeps popping up and leaving me no time to edit/blog. There’s been some big changes in my life recently (with more to come, fingers crossed) that definitely take precedence over blogging BUT I’m really trying to find a balance.

Hopefully I can learn to balance things a little better!

I’ve decided to take a little “Me Day” today. I’m going to spend today watching Clickbait (I’m on episode three, no spoilers please!), organizing some things, coming up with a better blogging schedule and just continuing working on keeping my mental health good.

Hopefully you all will be hearing from me again soon! But for now please let’s all just appreciate how adorable this years Disney Halloween decor is at Lowe’s. (I wanted the hanging ghost Mickey to hang in my room but it was sold out at three different Lowe’s).