This is (almost) Halloween // Michaels Halloween Collection

September 10, 2021

Michaels Halloween Collection
If you’ve been following along with this blog over the years then you’d know I’m a HUGE holiday lover. No seriously, I am OBSESSED with holidays. Honestly obsessed is putting it lightly. I’ve never met someone who was in love with holidays as much as me. I can’t explain why but there’s something about decorating for holidays and just holiday decor in general that just makes me happy. And shouldn’t we all be encouraging each other to do more of what makes us happy?

Because I love holidays so much, I don’t ever want them to end. That’s why I like to extend holidays for as long as possible. Don’t judge me but I legit decorate for holidays over a month before they are even set to happen. Halloween? I decorate for it on September 1st. Christmas? My tree is up and decorated by November 1st. Sorry not sorry!

Decorating for holidays just warms my heart.

Michaels Halloween Collection

Two years ago I published a little post highlighting Michaels 2019 holiday collection. That post quickly went viral on Pinterest. To this day it stills brings SO much traffic to my blog. I just checked my Pinterest and Google analytics and today alone it generated over 400 pins and 900 clicks to my blog/views for that particular post. 

Since that post did so well, and continues to do well, I thought it would be fun to share a little Halloween edition/remix to that post!

Michaels Halloween Collection Michaels Halloween Collection Michaels Halloween Collection

As I said earlier in this post, I normally decor for Halloween on September 1st. So yes, I’ve already decorated for fall/Halloween. However, I’m never opposed to adding new cute decor to my collection. I thought this little Halloween Dachshund was super cute! (If you guys didn’t know I have a Dachshund/Golden named Loki!).

I ended up not getting it but had it been black, like my dog Loki, I would have most likely bought it.

Michaels Halloween Collection Michaels Halloween Collection

It’s the crown on the skull for me. But honestly me as a corpse.

Michaels Halloween Collection

Question. Do you guys prefer “traditional” Halloween decor, like pictured above, OR “cutesy/girly” (I don’t know how to describe it honestly) decor, like pictured below?

Michaels Halloween Collection Michaels Halloween Collection Michaels Halloween Collection Michaels Halloween Collection

I thought this print was super cute!

Michaels Halloween Collection

Let the countdown to fall/Halloween begin!

When do you normally start decorating for Fall/Halloween/the holidays?