My New FAVORITE Pin | Monthly Pin Update

June 24, 2022

Chip n Dale D23 Expo Pin
Happy Friday everyone! It’s officially summer…which also means it’s offically my least favorite time of the year. Yay for me. But no really, I hate summer and if you’ve been following this blog for a while you know why. For the past two weeks its been in the high 90s here in Chicago. But it’s a cool 88 today…sigh..

Anywho, onto something I do love: Disney pins! I got so many cute new pins in the past month.

Here’s my pin update for May 2022:Loungefly Hot Topic Disney Pin Mystery Box

I had some coupons for Hot Topic so I picked up a few mystery pin boxes from there last month. I got two floral Disney Princess boxes, a gingham Winnie the Pooh box and two Disney Princess soda can boxes.

Loungefly Hot Topic Disney Pin Mystery Box Disney Princess Soda Pin

As you all know from my last pin update post, I collect Disney Princess pins so I really didn’t care which princess I got. However, from the floral Disney princess set I really did want to try to get Moana. I also really had my finger crossed for the Mulan or Belle pin from the Disney Princess soda mystery box.

From the Winnie the Pooh mystery box I got Pooh himself. From the floral Disney Princess box I got Tiana and Cinderella. I got Cinderella and Mulan from the Disney Princess soda box.

Last month I also ordered some cute pins from my favorite IG Pin account: Grapesodapinclub. I got three Big Hero Six pins, a Beauty and the Beast pin, a Chip n Dale pin, a Pooh pin and a Duffy and friends pin.

I also got this ADORABLE D23 Expo Chip n Dale pin from grapesodapinclub. This is officially my new favorite pin. Seriously, how precious is it?!